March 10, 2013

The next 10 days after my final's final

1st day 

movie and dinner with sin yue and her friend

2nd day

make up class with soo and donn
 Us before make up
 Post like superstar after make up

3rd day (Sunday)
a hilarious day
pay to burn under the sun- Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam
Bicycle riding from 12-3pm

have pakistan cuisine with my another friend after that

4th day (Monday)
face the screen from wake up until now,
now 4.38pm, blogging before I off my computer,
will going to have thai cuisine with my dear ex-housemate after that

 With my girls =)

 All of us dress up so nicely, we been awaiting for this moment so much. My 2 twin sisters said they dun even dress up that way during CNY

 So, how can I missed the chance to shoot the whole figure look with them~~

5th day (Tuesday)
I have forgotten what I had done on Tuesday
Went to their hostel and have lunch with them,

6th day (Wednesday)

A happy day! Went to Ipoh and went to Kinta River Front. A really romantic place
 America Pizzeria...Michelangelo in Ipoh, Somewhere around Tesco there. Cute graphic on their wall.

 WS ordered one, dun noe what he ordered.Drooling? I am

 He knew I would upload all these on my blog, so without me to suggest, he already snapped =)

I found out that we kept eat on western cuisine these days, I think you can learn how to cook Chicken chop for me ady, I wan both black pepper and mushroom

 Next stop, went to this place that I suggested to him after reading Xiao Wen's blog, its a bit hard to go for first timer, we kept on revolving around the area because its along the river.

 Le nice scenery of Kinta river Front, the breeze and the night scene really sooth me down~~~(if one day all this decoration can shift to UTP riverside, then it must be wonderful!)

7th day (Thursday)

Went to Mahathir's talk: Graduate in 21st Century

 See, they said the Chancellor Hall is seldom full to the max, some people even sat at the corridor

 Before start, see the VIP seats still empty

ING, everyone was listening attentively

Can't you believe he is 87 already??

How influence he is, it remind me last time when I read a reference book, essay, the title was "My Idol is Prime Minister" the persona is talking about YAB Tun Dr Mahathir coz Mahathir was PM that time.

8th day (Friday)
A sob day coz our date is come to an end

 Dory fish the second time, the fun fries is salty

Me with bare make up, but WS like it =P

9th day (Saturday)
going to make up class, waking up in the early morning ,like duh ='*
 Donn with wind effect

 Due to wake up damn early, despite having breakfast= porridge, forever hungry, eating like gobble

 I kept convincing myself:

I could look better under yellow light,
I could look better under yellow light.....

I looked better under yellow light! tested in MV's toilet

10th day (Sunday)

Update my blog today, its 6.30pm , and its 7.48pm now, luckily I have my dinner already. before I end my this post, I want to tell people who think that I hanging out all the days, I am not, just tat I just completed my final and holiday right now. Any part time job around KL or Kemaman recommend??