January 15, 2023

January 2022 :The discovery of my pregnancy


I am so thankful that our dream comes true! 
I am also thankful that the embryo is safe and sound in my womb! 

Because I experienced miscarriage before, so I amquite concern about the safety. 

 28th  Jan 2022 - TFT Test  

Went to do TFT (Thyroid function test). The results came out 2 days later. My T4 was drastically low 1 (normal range is 9-14). My husband asked me to go check with doctor see is there a need to confirm the dosage or not. 

30th  Jan 2022 - Went to see Dr. Yogi from HOspital Umra 

Hello, little gestational sac and york sac that is going to nourish my little precious embryo/foetus and baby! Can't wait to see you growing up soon! 

I promised that I will take good care of myself by 
1. eat properly
2.Getting enough rest and sleep. 

7th Feb 2022 - Week 6 Day 3 - Difficult sleeping

I couldn't sleep well last night. Normally, i can sleep through the night until the daylight, until my alarm rings.

Actually, it has been few times that I awoke in the middleof the night, but I could just easily go back to sleep after a few turnings.

But yesterday...

I not sure if it because of the light of the Handphone ,


the changing hormone in my body

I think I have been lying and turning back and forth for 2 hours. There was like a gas ball kept moving inside my body. Whatever I did was just not right.

I covered myself with blanket , soon, i remove it.


covered myself with blanket , then remove it again

then it keeps repeating.

My sleeping pose kept changing. Turn 360 degree on the bed, then sat on the floor , head lied on the bed and sleep, and crawl to the toilet, and sleep in the toilet. Then went back to the bed and sleep.

At one point, i felt very frustrated and woke up and cried. Then went back to sleep again.

So the next morning, I decided that I must do some exercise/workout so that the qi (the gas ball) can escape and won't kacau me again. (won't distrub my sleep)

I am so eternally grateful for this. Thinking about this makes me think that this (This 2022 pregnancy) is going to be a healthy, safe pregnancy. FYI, I had miscarriage on July 2021.

That's when we started to actively seeking help to regain my healthy, recovery from mini confinement , went to see TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to see if my body is fit enough for the next pregnancy and to cultivate warmer, comfortable womb.

The TCM we got after seeing doctor. It is quite convenient to drink, just warm it, and you can drink it. I enjoy drinking it cause I actually like to drink herbal soup. 

From July 2021 - Jan 2022 - We actually went to see 2 different TCM doctors/shin seh. I am also not sure if it is the Chinese Medicine that helps us to get pregnant or ...our willingness ....or combined. I mean...how do you judge it?

To be frank, one of my 2022 wish lists is to get a harimau baby虎宝宝 aka Tiger baby. !

So I am really over the cloud that it comes at the right time, after the booster dose.
I and my baby would stay healthy!

Last menstrual period (First day) : 23rd December 2021

Booster Injection Day : 30th Dec 2021

The day I discovered pregnancy - 27th Jan 2022

Gestational age - 4 weeks 4 days (4 weeks + 4 )

Actual age of baby at the discovery - 2 weeks + 4

Gestational age is counted from the Last Menstrual period.

I feel damn lucky that I have the booster right before we made the baby.

That being said, by using the standard .........Day 14 is ovulation in period cycle,............. then we actually made the baby on 5th Jan (counting 14 days from the LMP)

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