January 8, 2023

Kaw Kaw Pak Kopi @ Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya

I first drawrn to Kaw Kaw Pak Kopi for their name. 'Kaw Kaw' means very thick and concentrated coffee / tea in Malaysian Chinese.

My husband dabao (bought) their signature Teh Air for me. We instantly like how their teh ais literally spelling their name... very Kaw / very flavoursome.

After dabao for a few times, we decided to try to dine in their shop, intrigue by their other pastries and food as well. 

Their signautre : 
Kaw Kaw Kopi  
Kaw Kaw Teh Ais 
Dense Kampung Egg Tart 

I woudl usually prefer portugese tart more than egg tart. Portugese tart is more rich and dense, but I am okay with the egg tart here. It was quite tasty compare to many other egg tarts I have tried before. 

Roasted Pork Nasi Lemak Rm 13.80 

Basically, you can expect to have the  Malaysian CHinese typical food, except chicken rice, hahaha 

When I look at their menu, I feel that this is a traditional Chinese restaurant origin from Kampar, Perak. 

Glutinous rice pair with curry, is a local food from Kampar. 
Curry Chee CHeong Fun is also very common in Kampar. 

See, another proof that this is a traditional Malaysian Chinese style Hawker center eatery. 

See, the pickled green chillies and sambal and soy sauce are served on every table to enrich your Malaysian palate.  

Usually, this kind of food are found in Hawker center or Cha Shi 茶室 without no air-cond. So this place has the vibe of upgraded Cha Shi feeling. 

Which is great of people like family like us. Because we don't to bring our children to an eatery which is congested and feeling hot inside the stroller. 

I asked my husband if he would like to pay visit again compare to patronising other eatery like Japanese restaurant? 

"It depends on my mood, and what you like to eat. But I guess my preference to this kind of food. It has all the food that I like to eat. " 

Nowadays, when we have a baby. We need to find an eatery which is not too hot, and a place to fit in our stroller and not too congested too. 

The environment

Another proof of upgraded cha shi...Their kitchen is quite open. and they have sperate kitchen and beverage side. 

The dining area 

I didn't go upstairs as I have my baby with me. 

When you walk outside, you can eat the pastry corner with variety local pastries. 

You can find the following Chinese pastries there. 

The Menu 

Google Listing 

Kaw Kaw Pak Kopi Order App 

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