July 22, 2022

Pregnancy diary - Third trimester :Week 30 & 31

Week 31 -  Teeth Discolouration 

At week 31, I developed Teeth discolouration. At first , I was quite panic, because this is the image of people have too much coffee and smoke too much. I really don't like this impression of people on me. 

Then my sister asked could it be because of the calcium deficiency. So we just went to a normal physician. (LIke a doctor from Klinik Medivron) to get diagnosis. 

The doctor said if it was due to the calcium deficiency, then I would most likely experience other symptoms like   wiggle teeth, gum pain and so on. I just feel that everything is normal except that tooth discoloration happen in less than 3 days. (I mean it suddenly becomes so worse in less than 3 days.)

Oh yea, but I had bleeding gum on those days also. hmmm...

When I went to physician and pharmacist in the normal clinic and normal pharmacy. They would suggest me to go to 

1. Dentist 
2. My  regular obstetrician 

At that point, I was feeling a little bit upset TBH. I really hope that I could engage an obsterician. I mean the SAME obstetrician who can oversee me throughout my pregnancy journey, but not the obsterician from KK, from General HOspital in which the doctors who give consultation is not the same person. 

Dear me,  work harder , earn more, so that you can engage with a private obsterician that give you a piece of mind.  

Eventhough at last....those private hospital could have sent you to General hospital should you have any serious complications, high risk like high blood pressure , or Covid... 

The feeling of getting consultation from the professional at the time of uncertainty is so comforting. 

The changes in third trimester so far 

1. Craving for food , Less spitting 

2. Sleep less, but it is okay 

3. I feel baby kicking more often  

1. Craving for food , Less spitting 

Food craving condition

First trimester

NO craving for heavy-flavoured food at all. In fact, those food make me nausea.  Would like to feed on plain food like porridge, mee sua soup, fruits, milk, very limited food choice.

Feeling disgusting when people post food like hot pot, raw food on insta story. I nausea when watching it.

Those fried, stir-fried food, heavy-flavoured food are making me nausea.

Splitting habit develop , to ease vomit.

Second trimester

Started to heavy-flavoured food. 2nd trimester is like holiday to me. I eat whatever I want. Sweet, char key tow …80% of the food craving, haha

Splitting habit continues, but disappear towards the end of the 2nd trimester

Third trimester

Crave for heavy-flavoured food, but have to control.

The only thing that still making me nausea is the smoky food like smoky bacon in pasta, smoky salmon. It reminds me about how nausea I am in the first trimester.

No more splitting, but sometimes still split whenever I feel like vomit, due to sleeping position?  Not sure

I made a promise to myself . I would eat cleaner, healthier during the third trimester.  

1. Less cold drink

2. Less sweet food/dessert 

Although I don't have gestational diabetes so far. Hopefully I don't too. But when I watch those pregnancy video from Xiao Hong Shu, most of them also ask the pregnant mom-to-be to watch on diet, including less sweet food , because eventually we want to 长胎不长肉。 (Baby grow healthily , but not getting heavier)

Also, if I have too much carbohydrate loaded  food- I tend to be sleepy much easier than before , and I feel that it could be baby size overly big also. There's why If I can choose between chap fan (economic rice, you get to have better balanced nutrient from protein and vege) than most of the Asian food (chicken rice, curry mee, noodle), I will definitely go for the balanced nutrient meal. 

Although I admit that some time I would succumb to my food craving also.  Like 3-5 times out of 10 times. but It's okay, as long as it is not too extreme.

2. Sleep less, but no complain 

I could wake up in the middle of night. Feeling sweet because my baby is kicking, dancing in the belly. Then I couldn't sleep some time, but it is very sweet. I could stay awake for 1h for situation like this, and ended up feeling extra sleepy on the second day.  

I actually feel so strange...HOw could one having insomia, but still feeling sweet. ....

3. I feel baby kicking more often  

During the day time, night time. 

Baby moves most vigorously when I lie down, followed by sit down and finally stand up. In fact, my baby is still moving in the womb as Iam typing this right now. 

It is very sweet. Everyday I feel blessed knowing that she is growing healthily and actively in my womb. Also, Baby kicks connects us together. Whenever baby kicks, I would talk to her, coo to her if I am not working, not teaching. I would even stop pause on my phone, pause on the TV programme just to watch her move around in my belly. 

 And this action connects us and between the baby and her father too. The feeling is extremely wonderful 


Sometimes, when I feel lazy, slacked. It is the baby's kick reminds me that I need to be discipline and complete my to-do list so that I can have more time , focus on her better earlier before sleeping.  


Also, we confirm our confinement center in the first trimester. 

At that time, my main thought is to rest more , and care more for myself during the confinement, because I know my baby could be in good hands under the care of the professional confinement team (meaning the nurses la)

Now, my main thought is ...I wish to ask for baby to be rooming in all the time, stay in the same room with me all the time, just to watch her sleeping, watch her to whatever she wanted to do. Because right now, I am more connected to her already. 

Like even though you are tired and need more time to rest, you feel like you can recover faster by watching her. That's how I feel for now. Not sure if about my condition by then. 

One thing for sure is...I would definitely asking for  baby to be rooming in whenver possible. and I guess ...even If I don't, my husband will do. Hahahahahah. 


By the way, I am not done with baby kicking story yet. The feeling is quite...not to say overwhelming....but ..Wonderful.... 

Carrying a foetus around = carrying weight with you 24/7 , could be tiring also. 

So my favourite activity recently is to sit on the couch and watching TV, relaxing myself. This also explain why I don't update my deary blog here frequently lately. Been busy in completing my to do list. But I miss blogging too. Every small little progress is a progress not to be missed. 

Do you know how much I actually miss blogging sometimes, but too tired/sleepy to do that. Coz need to priortise on working too. 

And also when I lie on the couch, i get to watch baby moves around in my womb. It is again...so sweet 👼👼👼

Week 30  

During week 28

Feeling amazing at the size of my belly at Week 28. I didn't know it actually looks like this until I sit  right next to the mirror!  and curious about my belly size in the mirror.  

I received the Tetanus jab on  20th July at Week 29.

in KK (Klinik Kesihatan) The nurses call the Tetanus Jab as Kancing Gigi 

I didn't know this until I have a conversation with my another friend who is also a mommy-to-be, Yihan. She is a pharmacist. 


I received the Tetanus jab on  20th July at Week 29. When I shared this to my friend, she said the tetanus jab should be given earlier. 

The second jab of Tetanus vaccine should be given within the 4 weeks also.   Which I am also have not getting yet.  Thanks to the fierce and rude nurse in the KK who serves me.  She keeps mentioning Kancing gigi when I dont know WTH it is. I heard kencing gigi. 

  Baby Preparation  
Testing on all the given second hand baby stuff like baby swing.  Am excited to see what's coming! 

Messy home because of the coming in of large baby equipment. And We still have a lot to buy. LOL 

-  Week 30!!! 22nd July 2022 
Went to TCE Baby Fair tonight. We didn't buy much. But Hey, we got our baby 

1. a car seat 
Which WS thinks is a priority because we might need to go out alone with our baby, and that the Baby fair is the best time to compare the prices.  

2. a stroller 
(it is a bundle purchase that come with the car seat )

3. NUK Bottle
PPSU material, the highest grade material at Rm 109  

That's all we bought. We spent like 3 hours there , mainly to feel all the car seats in the fair. For the rest of the baby stuff ..like breast pump....diapers.... we just bought eat when we want to use la. since our house is so small, and I still have to keep those things for 2 months. LOL 

I actually wanted to buy the baby's shower set . Those all in one set , along with the stand. The stand is what I mainly wanted. But WS asked me to buy online. So we plan to buy the rest of the baby stuff later. Also, some baby stuff is cheaper online.  

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