November 26, 2009

Air Jernih

Last time i went to air jernih for a camp.i live there for 3 days.Perhaps these 3 days is too short to describe Air jernih,but i just feel like want to mention it.

Air Jernih belong to Kemasik (i think),and it is inside kemaman.
taking 30 minutes from Chukai.

It was the biggest "hai nan cun"海南村in Malaysia
and i observe that people there still unpolluted by urbanized character.

air jernih并没有任何出名的土产,食物,景点之类的.但是如果喜欢在kemaman喝茶(pou)的人,喝到没有地方喝了,可以去这里.听说这里附近有瀑布(每年吉兰丹独中来这里),还有很多乡村的景色.如果还是很闷的话,可以去附近的mesra mall.对我来说,mesra mall 是一间为petronas 员工而设的shopping complex. 里面的bowling场,k box 都开了.

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