November 16, 2009

KL trip

i went to KL from friday morning til monday morning, and my current mode is really exhausted,like a man without soul.before i forgot things,let me remind these memory event first.

third day
beetolak 12.oopm,without eating breakfast,took LRT from Wangsa Maju to Kelana Jaya,and then go Sunway by Han Yuan's kancil.


saw many of the member(excluding sin YUe,Chia Ying,wen Xi,Pei JIANG,and other Kemaman Branch ppl.)
Kemaman Brach ppl who came were
1.kah win
2.Boon kit
5,susan teoh
6.hui ling

i hope i can still come to KL with the purpose of gathering on priority and shopping and ice-skating rank the second,hehe

i didn't ice-skating on yesterday,because i was busy shopping and when susan called me to join her,it was about 4.30sth ady,and they were going to steamboat on 5 pm,hence i had to give up ice-skating.through this journey,i had meet with Ehaun and yunn li's roomate,i was hearing that she likes to ice-skating too,haha,next time when i go Sunway ,i can call her out le.

Sunway Pyramid's good very different from those in Bukit Bintang,and the clothes are different from one shop to another shop,doesn't like in the berjaya time Square or Sungai Wang.yesterday oso the first time i saw life show in conjuntion with the opening of >>>>>>(i forgot the name of the shop ady,it was start with alphabet 'J"if not mistaken,and the feature is all the clothes are black and white colours.)i saw the 8tv famous host,yep jun lin ,i oso came across Belinda at Pavilion.

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