November 5, 2009


there is still 2 paper before examination is finish.that is MUEt 3 and and Muet 4 (reading and writing),haiz....读form 6真的是要靠实力,而实力就是平时努力.因为真的很难啊! 而且那些syllabus是有连贯性的,所以只要漏了一个subtopic,就要花很多时间去理解,重点是2个period的时间(45 minutes for a period)就教了好几个subtopic 了,我的理解能力属于半桶水,回家有没有温习,所以考试时还蛮辛苦的.

i believe that most of my friend also like this ba,coz many of you didn't update your blog quite a long time ady.and don't give too much pressure to yourself , you can ease yourself by listening to music,sms or online as well.


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