December 5, 2009

miss kemaman

Yes,no wonder

,i am taking part in miss kemaman.而我也很幸庆它是一个小型的选美赛,因为我不敢穿bikini,hahaha,you may felt ridiculous because of this,but it is true.before taking part in this competition,i wonder i won't take part in any grand miss beauty after taking this time miss kemaman,coz i am not bold enough to take part in such grand miss beauty.


the photo u r looking

is taken on 4 December 2009

Awana Kijal,

coz Guang ming uncle(u can search him in Facebook ...chealsea tan)
who r the person in charge,or organizer of the miss kemaman on behalf of guang dong assosiation(广东会馆) kemaman

will show off all those photo during the night

for instance:

1. can shopping n add sth(swinsuit,i din buy bikini,coz i am not dare to wear them,but maybe one day in the future when at the boardcountry's seaside,hahaha) into my cupboard

2.through this miss beauty ,i also buy high heel shoes that i usually won't even glimpse except when celebreties are wearing them.

3. well,虽然说佳丽们都应该内外兼具(智慧与美貌), 所以我们也要懂得打扮.在这里我学会了比以前更爱美,更注重形象.因为我们在练习catwalk 和舞蹈的时候, 广东会馆的安弟(老师)一直提醒我要注重仪态,因为我们现在是选美.


susan,me and jia xing(嘉欣)



for example cat walking(though not truely professional)

the SARUNG we wear were from this brand.and thx the teacher for helping me wear the sarung^^

let's get them a big applause !
went to kuantan to try the evening dress.......

on the way to Awana,

tranport congestion....heavily

plus downpour heavily....

btw,we can see a rare "waterfall" from mountain

three of us chatting un-end-less-ly in the car.
here comes the behind scene of the shooting section........
first time wearing sarung like this,i been wearing sarung in the PLKN(Nasional Service) before.
how can i lose the opportunity to take photo with other participants???she is xiu qi,one of the pretty girl among the 13
she is xiao yun
all of them beautiful ,right?!
this is guang ming (chealsea tan) , his daughter was in charge to record us along the shooting section.i don't know when she gave him the camera..
us in we look gracefully?or elegent?

first photo that both of us satisfied,look funny.
hahaha, frankly,can't stop shooting photo when put on exotic sarung


take a photo with 91 tai lou,hope tai sou won't mind.see hand unnaturally gesture...


before changing our clothes,headed to dinner....

when i had put off my mystical black contact lens..

luckily,no eye sore.

but when i was wearing contact lens for 12 hours yesterday,there was a fine blood vessels appear under my iris. Welcome ppl who had been wearing contact lens share ur experince with me.

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