March 30, 2016

Maple's diary: PHotography Week

Today is Wednesday.
Before I forgotten. This week could consider a photography week for me.

#1 Agacia Land Photoshoot

We were only given less than 2 hours for graduation photoshoot. How is that enough. So we move on to Agacia Land, featuring assemeble of colourful Disney-like building.

Quite like this series, not only because it's pretty. But the people inside too =D
Classmates/Friends, play together, fooling together...
(me am not inside because i was talking on the phone for like 20 mins.. )
okay, then after I finished talking to my phone.
I quite like this photos! Everyone look so supermodel like!
Hence, if you decided to view the HQ of this photo. It is here.

Seriously, I really like photos that have soul =D

zoom in, coz expression is our highlight

#2 Photoshooting for HUi Fen and Jia Li

Just when I thought I couldn't take photos with my beloved friends. (Not only 2 of them, there were som eothers like MC, Nicole the blogger...). Jia Li suddenly asked whether want to take photos together before he returned the rob.

So smart la, he can think that here the mini and impromptu photoshooting session on.


you can find more photos in my facebook album too.

#3 Graduation PHotoshoot

Then on Sunday, I just realised that I have graduation photoshoot on Tuesday. A group photoshooting with friends. THis time, I am one of the subject~~ hhehe.  Our theme is
Denim.White. Red. Black

" My unrequited LOVE for LIfe ". 

(Nitya Kannespuram, 2016 March 29)

act like a boss, and show them how to pose =D 

Seriously, I so like all these photos, so you can click to enlarge 4 photos above!

#4 Become a photographer of 《文字般若Me》

《文字般若Me》 is a Buddhist Writing Camp. I have chose to join this despite there were Convocation of some of my friends who I really care. It's quite a hard decision to make. Eventually, I join the writing camp because I want to meet one of my friends from 私立全营, and too bad he ffk me =(

Also I am quite intrigue on how to merge 2 different elements together. Writing and Buddhism. But actually Buddhism literature is always there! Words are powerful, it can easy influence people's mindset, and hurt someone like a sword. Words convey the ideas of people. Hence, use the words properly and intricately would really bring impact to people.

I volunteered as the photographer in this camp, because I really like to take candid photos of people. And glad to make a lot of new friends there!

(this group photo credit to Sin Chew reporter, thank you! )

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