March 7, 2016

TC Boy: What to Cook with Canned Tuna?

Harlo~~~ are you someone who like to eat? but sometimes lazy to cook?

Since I am a uni student who  save on pocket money, I would prefer to cook in my hostel sometimes, also because I like to cook also. except that I hate to wash dishes =(

How about Canned Food?
Normally when people think about Canned Food, their impression is less healthy choice & a lot of preservative.

But sometimes I still need  canned food in order to cook a fast meal. After all, a lot of assignments were on pending here right now. Hence Canned Food would be on of the best option. Also, by using Canned food

1. you can literally save a lot to mixing the condiments and flavours.
2. Never to do worried that you will keep it until the food as expired.

Today, I am going to show you 3 simple ideas/recipe to cook with Tuna Can, and 1 fried Mackarel can. And I can ensure you, each of the food below is took only short prepare time, and make your stomach fulfilling for sometimes.

So here 4 simple ideas are 
Tuna Sandwich
Tuna Porridge
Tuna Bee Hoon
Fried Mackarel

1. Tuna Porridge

I am pretty much a porridge person. It took like 20 mins to get the ingredients ready. I am using 180g TC Boy Tuna Solid in Extra Virgin Olive Oil here.

and the rest of the ingredients includes
1 cup of long grain rice
5 cup of water
1pc of ginger
slices of bell pepper (to give the food some colourful presentation)
salt (taste it until you think it is enough)
soy sauce
dry shiitake mushroom

Tips: The method to cook a silky smooth porridge is to freeze the washed ,drained rice grains for at least 20 mins before you cook, and you can shorten your cooking time.

1. Boil the rice with water in a pot until the rice is soften and smooth.
2. Put in Tuna, ginger, bell pepper, mushroom. Stir occasionally, add water if the porridge is too thick for your liking.
3. Season with the condiment (salt, soy sauce, black pepper)
4. Tadaa, it's ready to serve!

2. Tuna Sandwich


This is awesome-licious! I am using TC Boy Sandwich Delite. (Tuna in Mayonnaise). The tuna mayonnaise is a tad bit dry to my liking. So I add more mayonnaise to it. The Tuna in Mayonnaise also have corn, which is my favourite.

To ensure the fullness after eating sandwich, I put in eggs (hard boiled egg crushed into little pieces, garnish with pepper to make it more tasty.), you can also replace with cheese if you like a more salty taste. And some healthy choice of tomato or you can replace with some salad vege too.

and here's the outcome!! A great choice of breakfast for working adult or students to take away to school, campus or your office!

3. Tuna Fried Beehoon

As a typical Asian, I always fall for something carbohydrate, especially when I need to rush for assignment, presentation, prepare for midterm and so on. I would like to have some carbohydrate loaded things but not too plain with only carbohydrate. 

I didn't have any spice or chilli to spice up the beehoon, but TC Boy Tuna with Chilli Padi helped in giving a mild spicy flavour to enhance the aroma of the Fried Beehoon. Or I could say that the main flavours, which is spicy sweet come mainly from the can. In this way, I save the cost even to include chilli (which is just nice, because I won't buy chilli alone) into it. 

So here is the ingredients that you need

1. 1 can of 180g TC boy Tuna with Chilli Padi
2. 500g of Beehoon (soften by soaking in water, or boil water if you wanna quick)
3. 3 cloves of garlic, chopped
4. Slides of bell pepper
5. Green vege
6. Onion
7. Straw mushrooms
8. Salt 

Ingridients (4-7) could very vary, i simply use whatever ingredients that I have in the fridges. Alternative you can also replaces with cabbage, or dry shallots, or dry anchovy to make it more Malay style. 

The only seasoning that I use it salt while fried the ingredients, because when I first opened the can, the flavour come out with it is overwhelming spicy. 

1. Fry ingreident 4-7, stir fry. Sprinkle some salt to season. 
2. Add in the Tuna with Chilli Padi
3. Add in soften beehoon
4. Continue to stir fry , mixing everything together
5. Viola, the spicy-licious beehoon is ready to serve! 

4. Fried Mackarel

Fried Mackerel has nothing to do with Tuna Can. It's another choices of dishes to add on with you are still craving for more meals. 

Fried with onion, Toss in tomato cube, before you toss the entire can of TC Boy Fried Mackarel in Chilli Sauce. I would say the sauce is quite flavoursome. My friend who ate it even thought that I add in chilli. But the fried mackarel is a bit too hard for my liking. Would like ti better if the fresh is softer. 

Thanks to TC boys for the Can Foods, the can were designed to open by pulling the opener, that I no need to use can opener to open it, which is extra plus point, also TC boy store the food without adding preservative , thanks to their advance canning technology. All the natural ingredients in its food preparations without adding artificial preservatives and MSG.

Furthermore, all the TB Boys products are certified halal by JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia), hence  no body is going to worry about that  =D

TC Boy

03-5513 0932 ext 0933

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