March 5, 2016


#64 Exploration to other Country
Just suddenly have this thought, and feel like want to find a platform to jot it down. This morning, when one of my friends said that he plan to work in Dubai. It trigger me to think that every year, there were thousands of  Malaysians who are talents to migrate, work in other countries.

To think from a view of outsiders, it is not very hard to see that there were a lot of Malaysians, I mean A LOT, like 1 on every 100 Malaysians are the real talents, could make Malaysians proud. Not necessary a champion in a sport arena, they can be profession too. Large amount of them migrate to oversea because they can't find their value being appreciate or properly utilised (I assume).

What suddenly flash across my mind is that. Malaysian could be easily better than Singapore in term of nation development. Singapore don't have any natural resources, but a brunch of super talent human force. And Malaysia has a lot of natural resources like oil, plantation and so on, with enormously superb large number of potential talents who awaited to be trained, and found.

The main thing here is that, I feel like gov is not dumb also to know that the unequal treatment that sided to certain group that make some other party feel unhappy. I mean, growing in Malaysia, subjectively, I can feel that the level of stupidity of Malaysian in general has reduced. Those who remain extreme for the sake of wanted to remain their privilege status quo will continue to fight for the control of country policy for the sake of control them, in a vain way, that is sided, prejudice to some party.

For examples, article 160 in Federal Constitution won't happen in Singapore. Because the notion of Singapore is equality. But the notion of the group of people who control the goverment is traditional for the sake of maintaining the status quo which turn out that it didn't help in develop a better country.

You see, the Economy Baru...policy that is obviously sided to Malaysians , though not longer implement...but the concept of sided to certain party....still there until nowadays.

No one is born to discern the skin colour among them. It's just that the people around them ditching about this, and give meaning and emphasis to them.

That's all I want to say. Just to share the idea of Emmigration of Malaysian Talents.

I used to be so slim and model-liked! Walao~~ I miss my old body figure. I feel LIke I am getting fatter now. Perhaps because I sleep late all the time. I miss my old body figure! 

Th very first delicious Home cooked dinner that I had in PJ, Yum Yum!

#61 Colourful decoration light from Bangkok!!

I bought them since July 2015, but only manage to test them on yesterday 6th March 2016. And it's so really when you turn it on in the dark~~~  LIke like like!

#60 Step out of Comfort Zone

Today, something happen and I have more definition towards step out of Comfort Zone. 
First, it certainly it didn't apply to your verbal action only, it is more applicable to your NON VEBRAL action

Secondly, also the mainpoint, it esp apply to things that you DONT KNOW, things that you are LACK OF KNOWLEDGE IN that field. I usually act only when I have the confident to do so, and when I have interest in it. But today, I learn that it is necessary to do something even you don't know. I mean....I don't know how to comfort people.....

So whatever is it, I shouldn't focus only on "DUN NOE" and not taking any action because there is no one there to guide me, but focus on "HOW TO MAKE THINGS BETTER", eventually it might not work, but it confirm will not work if you do not try at all. 

This world is round, and fair. Everyone is equal. 10%  people naturally just born with the aptitude to have certain talent in doing something, and 90% of the people born without the talent, and make the intiative to pick up the skills. 

Eventually, most of the successful one are coming from the 90% of the people, whose taking intiative to do it. While the 10% remains potential but with average performance in their life. 

Me? My definition of successful is not merely to have so much money. But to have a clear direction in my life, happy & contended everyday. Anyway, I would choose to be the latter one. 


Material possession make me feel contented

When I first enter UTAR, all I care is to have my study has priority. Then actively participate in every possible event (Participate as a participation, not as part of organising crew).

Last time I used to be very happy, and get satisfy easily when I got something that I like. For example,
i would be contented if I get a mascara that I like.
Win a giveaway from some other bloggers.
 Getting selected to be part of the blogger project
Makeover for myself

Now, my goal is getting bigger. I aim for something bigger. Not to say that I am not happy when the little stuff that I mention above, ultimately, those were my passion. My goal for something big like house, car. I mean I wanted to get all these with my own effort, without depend on my parents or any people that I care.

Perhaps it is because that I was immerse in the environment , seeing that my boyfriend work so hard at such young age, when he can choose not to. His aim for material possession is even bigger than me. So either way, I am inffluence to follow his pursueant, like getting a big house.

Seriouslly, my current perception is that I would rather save money to buy a house, rather save money to go vacation.

You might have said that I am materialism. But (urgh....once again, I have to clarify), I know I am not. It just that as life move on, I am growing older, and there is a necessity to get a house. I mean a house on my own, under my name, using my own effort, with loan from bank. (You see, it still 3 months before I graduate, and I already have that kind of mindset, which I think is good also lar. Hehe )

Then after I own a house, only then I am more willing to spent on vacation.

One thing that never change still is that, I still a happy kids when I get to eat good food until today. And in fact, my requirement for good food has been increase. Last time, I couldn't accept that I  have spent Rm 30 only for a bowl of Ramen. Today I am more willing to spent Rm 30 on that bowl of Ramen if it is worth the price. (LIterally, some ramen is really so delicious you will come back for more). In fact, I plan to allocate Rm 600 from my salary only for eating. That would be average Rm 20 per day. Looking insufficient,right?

No worry, I actually enjoy cooking at home too~~ Cooking bring me so much satisfaction . This means, I would only spent average Rm 50 on 5 weekdays and Rm90 on weekend. Just for you understanding, it could be more or less than that. But my notion is that one shouldn't compromise to have good food given it's literally worth it.

Stepping into university, I never thought that I would gain a very sincere friendship during my uni life here. Ultimately, my goal is to get a degree, working and earn money than my life would be partially complete.

Ok la, not only to earn money actually, my goal is to earn money by doing something that I like. Hence, til this moment, I am quite happy that I am graduating soon!

If there is one thing that I would miss, is the sincere friendship that I gain here. I mean I would only get sincere friendship during primary school, secondary school time.....never would I thought about that, in my uni life time too.

I met a brunch a crazy friends, there were my classmate. They study hard, play harder. Also change my perception in some thing,

Also, as I feel more relaxed when I was doing blogging, I get to met a lot of blogger friends, and even become closer ever since, we basically just talk about blogging stuff, but we were not just blogger friends but a friend.

Growing up, I was raised in a nature that I don't owe any explanation to anyone. This include, no need to explain even when other misunderstand about me. But slowly I realise that it is important to clarify. Clarify to person eventhough they are not my boss, but it is important to clarify, ranging from every small matter that misunderstand would arise to every big matter that would change people's perception towards you.

Extra-corriculum: Religion & Faith

I was actively participate in Buddhist Society, Buddhist events too before I came to campus. Hence naturally, the first society that I join is UTAR Buddhist Society. Intially I went there to get the homie feel. It was as if....I feel home to join Buddhist Society/Association in any part of Malaysia, as long as it didn't crash much with my perceived culture.

Seriously, in term of religion, I never stop having faith towards Buddhism, and it only get stronger day by day, because it is through this journey, I know what I am I doing, why should I doing this, and it make my life more meaningful. I have started to learn from caring myself to care about other people. I mean eventually people are selfish, despite it looks on surface that people care about you. but going into deeper level, they care about themselves. What I can say that is just learn to be more grateful, looking at a more opimistic side. Because there were really people who sincerely care about others, more than they care about themselves.

This is also the platform where I learn to give more commitment on it after my study. I never need to give commitment to my blogging career, because I would be automatic being so productive when I was doing blogging.

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