August 17, 2015

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week -Ready to Wear 2015 YESIR叶谦

THanks to Pavilion KL and Seeties  . I got my invitation on First Day Session 5 fashion show! My first time to attend Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week. It was 9pm session, featuring the collection from  a China Designer, YESIR 叶谦 for the his own brand YE'S 

His brand is actually quite famous in China mainland, despite he is still very young (born in the year of 1987), His collection were worn by celebrities in CHina like Zou Xun周迅, LIn Yu Chun 林宇春, Tong Yao童瑶 and so On. Click here for the source. 

Now let's see how his collection look like. 

 Photo credit to Andy Kho, from here

Photo credit to Andy Kho, from here

Some of these designs was showing in  Shanghai Fashion Week happen on April 2015.  His collection mainly carry the elements of simplicity, elegant。

"YE'S品牌倡导年轻自信的优雅精神和不拘于常规的新生活方式,YE’S女装每季特别设计”轻礼服“系列的概念亦是YE'S区别于其它设计师品牌的特别标签。其中广告语“Say YE’Sto Future”于2014年正式成为品牌口号标语,它也表明了对不确定的未来一种积极迎接的乐观生活态度,很好地传递了品牌所要传达的精神。"
(YE'S , nd)
Retrieved from

The brand YE's advocate the spirit of young, confident elegant and inconventional lifestyle. The female collection in YE'S is light (not sure is physically light or any other meaning) is what make YE'S different from other brands. The slogan "Say YE'S to Future" in 2014 has convey it's concept of living the uncertainty in future optimistically. "

On the side note, I can't express how excited I am to attend such event. So a lot of photos is a MUST!!! 

 With Sharon Lee, a fashionista blogger!

 First time ever seeing the amount of photographers. When you sit closer enough with them. You can heard the sound of clicking the button is continuously, the sound would only stop when model stop walking.

Photobooth corner while heading inside.

Things that I found in my goodie bag. THe photos was taken at the photobooth near the entrance there.

Once again, thanks to Pavilion KL and Seeties for the invitation!

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