August 16, 2015

Food Review: Shunka @ Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya 2015

It was a Monday night , and thanks to Open Rice for the food review invitation. I absolutely enjoy it so much. All the makan (eating) talking and sharing between open ricer was a joyful open! Also thanks to Managing Director of Shunka group, Edisson Eing for his friendly sharing on the food!

 Grilled Pork Belly Rm 7.30

One of the very dishes that I like! Love it more when sprinkle with fresh lemon extract. 
The lemon itself is so crispy, it's definitely fried, but you neither feel or see oil on the plate, do you?

Kimchi Steamboat Rm 17.90

Soup Refill once only. Rm 3 for every subsequent refill.
They do serve Kimchi Steamboat with variety of anything!!

You can choose the spiciness of the kimchi soup also. Either original, mild, hot or spicy.I tried the mild on, it's consider spicy for me. But the original one is not spicy at all. So I prefer the fusion of original and mild.
Kimchi and seafood lover should seriously considering on ordering this!

Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen Rm 19.90

The shoyu soup is quite salty when taste alone. However, as you eat together with the springy Ramen, it taste better.

 Spicy Pork Bulgogi Rm 17.90

Just the presentation itself already appeal to me. I didnt try so much of this, as I was so full when this was serve. Serving with generous amount of mix vege and well marinated pork slice not only making the dishes colourful, but drooling the foodies around.

To poke the onsen tamago (hal boiled egg) is a hard time for me. and we mix everything together for the mouthful of spicy porl bulgogi!

Garlic Fried Rice Rm 10.50

Garlic Fried Rice fried using Japanese rice (all the fried rice were using Japanses rice)  together with aromatic garlic, minced pork, scramble egg that make up a comfortable food rich in carbohdrate. 

 Crispy Sushi Rm 13.90

Crispy outer layer, carbo and heary inner layer, to be finish in a mouthful. It's tiny little finger food that is suitable for high tea or snack.

Japanese Cheese Omelet Rm 10.50

I am a cheese lover, and honestly I cant taste much of cheese here, but more to mayonaise and egg. But as you see, it is prepare on demand, you could request for more cheese if you like. As some might not love too much of cheese in Omelet.

Japanese Dumpling Rm 10.50

DId you notice something in this picture?


Shunka is so generouls , they served so much of Magic Matcha. Edisson Eing, and his partner, YC LIm insist us that we should drink it quickly as soon as it served, before the matcha ice-cream melt. But we , the open ricer, keep taking photo, finding the best angle to show the prefectness of the matcha. Hence he ordered another round of Matcha for us, to make sure we indulge the famous matcha from Shunka.

Iced Matcha with Red Bean  Rm 16.90

Dessert, DeSSert DESEERT!! My favourite time!! Meet my most favourite dish of the day. It was not main course but Ice Matcha with Red Bean!!

The blogger with her favourite matcha and red beans

Can you see the Matcha and red bean is served in a few different layer?  Vanilla at the bottom, then sweet red bean, prepared in Japanese way, it is baked before hand, layered in the middle.(definitely taste the different between red beans here and small red beans in ice kacang), and matcha ice-cream on top of it! 

Okay, it taste better to but all the 3 layers in one spoon. (watch the video in the link above). SO It taste first like sweet (vanilla, and red beans) and bitter (matcha), as you continue to chew, everything is mix and match of sweet and bitter. My mouth was like enjoying it so much! 

Magic Matcha Rm 16.90

Think of SHunka when you think of Matcha. They serve really wonderful matcha here! This Magic Matcha is their signature, comprising of matcha ice-cream, matcha cube, and matcha drink mix with milk. This is why Matcha lover would love this!

 Hot Matcha Rm 7.30

Order a cup of hot macha if you prefer to taste the authentic matcha taste. As the cold one would be sweeter.

The moment these 2 ladies so serious about taking good photos! I cant help to show it here.

 Once again, thanks to open rice for the invitation, enjoy talking and listening among us!

Shunka Restaurant in Aman Suria was set in a comfortable, with a hint of Japanese taste.

Shunka Restaurant is sandwiched between a saloon and car-repairing workshop.

Address: Shunka Aman Suria

E-G-45, Jalan PJU 1/45, Aman Suria Damansara 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 

Opening Hour: 11.30 am - 11.30 pm daily. 

Contact Number:Tel: 03-78861986

All the price shown here inclusive of GST, hence only 10% of service charge would be add on.

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