August 2, 2015

Australian style cozy cafe at Eat@J's cafe

a cozy cafe in Taman Sea by Sue Cheah (left) and Nicholas Tham (right)

Sue Cheah learnt pastries-making in Melbourne, and was making cake before. Hence you can imagine her cake would be exceptionally dellicious. Nicholas Tham has about 17 years of cooking experience in this 17 years, he has worked in 5 star hotel , then provide catering services and now focus on Eat@ J's cafe. With each of them juggle their expert foodies section, I can assure you the exceptionally delicous pastries and main course here. 

 Grilled Salmon on bed of Sauteed Spinach, Roasted Potato, Pearl Barley, & Cherry Tomatoes   Rm 24

I let this dish become the main photo of this post, because I personally like this the most!! Normally, I prefer to eat smoked salmon than cooked one, because the cooked one less flavourful compare to smoked.

Fresh salmon grilled to tenderly bitten, yet so flavourful, that it bring out it's own aroma, and further complemented by homemade seasoning oil around it. This is the first cooked Salmon that I quite like.

Of what making Eat @ J's so different from other cafe, is that their ingredients are more healthy concious. As you can see, the grilled salmon came with cherry tomato, pearly barley (something that you don't see everyday), and roasted potato.

What make this worth to mention is that , not only the side-food is healthy, it is well-cooked too. So vege make this more refresh!

Squeeze some fresh anti-oxidant fresh lemon to spice up the grilled Salmon!

 Honey Balsamic Chicken with Mased POtato, roasted Pumpkin and Green Beans aside Rm 19 

The signature in Eat@J's cafe. This sweet and sour chicken has been well marinated, 

Aside from providing premium quality of coffee, their food has the best quality too. 

Grilled Steak with Sauteed  Green Beans & Carrots, , pairs with Hasselback Potato Rm 28

 Sirloin steak imported from New Zealand, so tender , though it is still consider hard to me, as I think all the beef are hard. Smear with a layer of homemade secret sauce before grill.

The potato was roasted with a layer of buter, oh so delicious.

For the purpose of reviewing, we were given 2 type of sauce. For the sauce, you can also choose to go without the sauce, mushroom or black pepper. Somehow, I prefer to eat with sauce. their sauce is real nice! Homemade sauce, making from the scratch, with slides of shitake mushroom (or button mushroom when shitake is not available), omg~~

The black pepper sauce also taste more spicy than the usual, because they bought the black pepper and crunch , grain it by themselves.

Dessert of the day
Banana Cream Pie(Left)
Key Lime Pie (Right)
Rm 10.50

You would like Key Lime pie with your like soury-tangy, oh yea, with a tinge of sweet taste. 
And their banana was not bad too, suitable for people with Diabetes, as the banana wasn't added any sweetener or colour, hence explain the yellow-brown colour.Their crust is crunchy hard, and feel with butter taste, like it! 

 Latte Rm 10

suitable coffee lover , it's very pure, and thick! 

Cold Brew Latte Rm 10 

I am not a coffee lover, but you can adjust the sweetness by control the amount of syrup. Cold brew coffee was soak in room temperature water for more than 24 hours, so that the extract from coffee beans would yield a less bitter but concentrated coffee. 

~~Environment ~~

 a cozy warm ambience, chill and chitchat in alfresco or air-conditional area.

With a corner decorated making this cafe quite instagram-worthy. 

Updated on 5th Oct 2015

Visited here again on 4th Oct. So I decided to just update my food collection from Eat@J's

Roasted Sesame Spagetti Rm 24

It look like carbonara, but it taste combination of cream and sesame. Something similar to western type of gan lao mian. Serving with the crunchy crispy chicken cutlet. This dishes taste better with fettuccine. So the noodle would be fettuccine by default. If you like to eat spagetti, yes, you can request to switch the noodle =D

Chocolate Orange Cheese Brownie Rm 10.50 

Serving in a big square chunk of it. You might have to share it with your friends. Could be sweeter and more moist. 

Chicken Parmigiana RM 20 

Chicken Parmigiana is the derived from an Italian Parmigiana. Breaded Chicken Breast covered with tomato neapolitan sauce and cheese atop. 

Here in Eat@J, it is served with ham and garden salad. BF ate this, and it said it is average only. 

Cafe Information

No 28, Jalan SS23/11, Taman Sea, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Malaysia. 

                                                                      Contact number:
                                        Sue Cheah (Pastry Chef)   012-5314009 
Nicholas Tham (Hot Cooking Chef)  019-2208818

Opening Hour: 
9am - 9pm
(Closed on Monday) 

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