March 4, 2013

CNY eve, first and 2nd day

On the Chinese New Year eve
 reached Teluk Intan just in a jiffy, probably bcoz I kept sleeping in the car, when I was awaked, a song " hui jia" (back home) played in the radio. This was how i reach Teluk Intan in 2013 =)

 Second station: Maternal gramma's house

 Third station: Hawaii No1 Lo Han Kuo

 My parents, all in bright CNY mood =)

 this 2 camwhore =.="

 AND always a low profile little brother, he likes playing badminton

 and me still in bulging and swelling eyes consequence of editting video for few days...

ignore my chio face

 At the night, what we ate for reunion dinner?

I think our aunties cook for first, yea, they were cooking.(I remembered it coz WS uploaded his food photos on FB oso, and I was comparing his with mine, teehee~~)
 拜天公ing , literally just "heaven wordship" or Jade Emperor Ritual

 Firecracker make me remind of my cousin in Johor this year...coz they used to be firecrackers supplier

 As usual , the men were busy chatting also as there are long time no see, or there finally can set freely and sit down no worry to chat,hahaha

 炮竹一聲大地春, CHINESEnew YEAr is coming!

The very First Lunar CNY day 
a look of me on the first day...I think I look better last time when I was testing it.

Oops, that goes my photo for the first day =)

I didn't gamble so much this year, spent time to watch tv and surf internet and chatting

Second CNY day 
 Went to eat Bat Ku Teh around 11 or 12pm

Went to a temple which face sea or river after that

On the evening of the same day, went to Jiu lou, chinese restaurant to celebrate my gramma birthday

 becoz its went to jiu lou, so everyone dress like king and queen and prince and princess, or dress in korean style =.+"

 Okay, my father is the one who dress like king, because He never buy any clothes for a year, and this is a new clothe that my mum bought for him.

My brother..dress like so korean

My sister..okay la, typical...girly look

 with me inside, ignore my look, I think I just simply mix anything I have, I think my studded tote didn't match my outfit la

 The 4 camwhore without me

 ah har, with me iniside,hehehe. Each of them have sth that make me proud of them la, and needless to mention here. bTW, are they pretty and handsome??

 Happy Kok Family!! thx to my uncle of help me taking this super HQ photo with his iphone5. coz no need to stay the pose so long, just simply click the camera button then snapped.

 Can I say 五福临门? (5 good fortunes reach at your door), Huat ar!!!

 When there are too much of children, then the adult need to came forward to give us ang pao...hahahaha, sungguh meriah~~

 五福临门 X1


Lou shang moment


the common CNY moment
 No idea what were they doing..

after dinner, shooting again =)

 trying to act tall like his brother

 I didn't wear high heel, still I am taller than 2 of my sis ^^

 When everyone is acting taller, the leftest one just stand effordlessly =.+"

After that....

Went back to celebrate ah ma's dai shou

 At first, i was thinking whther or not to put these photos here due to privacy matter, but then Its okay la, it wont harm

 plus some of my cousins request to put his/her face on my blog, I think they would be happy if they can see themselve on a wedsite =)

 us family with ah ma

 wu su's

 xiao su's

 my si gu and her daughter's family

 san gu's

 my 2nd uncle and aunty whom they are the owner of this house, my be liang was busy cooking like everyday


 Gamble class for the new learner

 professional uncle cannot tahan but to help them and teach them.

it really resemble me I had my first gamble on 7or 8 years old back then, I start with 20cents only, the kids nowadays is somemore bolder, bet with Rm 1 , or Rm 0.50 like that..old le old le~~

and gamble for the professional ..ROFL

After that, went to my maternal gramma's house before sleep, I was already in sleeping suit ady, bring my laptop there to show my cousin brother about my video that I made

and its so interest that even my sis and bro were stop by =)
no la, the fact is they also havent no supportive~~`

and if you havent view my video, here is it
 okay,e nd this post with a dinner shot at ipoh there.