December 18, 2011

pasar pagi Taman Rose

Went to pasar pagi to take breakfast onve i reach telkun intan

perhapss this seem ordinary for you, or those who live in west coast ,but i feel refresh to go there.
I don't know whether Kemaman has a pasar pagi like this, but here it has so many pasar pagi and like going on every day.
that's why i like here, gotta eat a lot,fun a lot!

now, the stall which sell tradisional herb is quite sought after,unlike mine there..

frankly, this is my first chance ever to saw people play Tai Ji in real  scene

 there have three group of diffence type of....martial art??

nasi ulam...according to the tag there are

it look appealing from the pic,but to my dssapointment, it just ok nia, kemaman one is better with a thinner noodle use