October 23, 2011

eat H=?

since, i came back recently, i had nothing to do but only stay at home. i am so bored, i need to do sth useful or at least prove that i am not doing ntg,hahahaha, i need to make sure i am growing spiritually or learning sth useful everyday^^, see,i am so initiative^^,hahaha,jkjk (jkjk =just joking)

okay, the first pic shown is salad, i learnt it from a kind, friedly aunty.The ingredient are as follwing
1. onion
2. purple cabbage
3. carrot
4. cabbage
5. mayonise or thousand of island
(for you information, i did not used the mayonise that sold outside, i made it myself, DIY is more healthier.Well, i will use the common maked already if i can eat everything)

the second one is mee, just a random mee, i plan to eat outside at first, but by the time i reach there, the food is not ready yet, so i opt to go back home and cook myself, i cooked it for my boyfriend too! super proud of me,hahahahaha

and this..., it was the fried rice that me and my mom , we cooked together^^

we use organic salt in our home, and most of the time, i will try to use organic or natural ingredient and i cook

so, can u guess what is H stand for?