July 22, 2011

fruit juice

i drink this almost everyday,together with the fiber. Erm...frankly speaking, i still don't know the correct way of eating healthy diet. I attended a health talk at Samaria Organic today, the talk person claim that you do not need to eat too much of garlic or you can ignore garlic at all if you do not eat meat or any animal based protein. It was so controversial with the knowledge or information that i know before. As i know, garlic is a healthy spice that .......

"Garlic contains lots of potassium, fluorine,sulfur, phosphorous and vitamins A and C as well as seventy-five different sulfur compounds.
In addition it contains quercetin and cyanidin and bioflavonoids. Quercetin has been found to block allergic and inflammatory reactions.
Garlic also contains selenium which has been found to have anticancer potential.Sulfides that give garlic its strong odour inhibit colon cancer.
Sulfides work in two ways;they block the action of cancer causing
substances,and they slow tumor development.Recently it has been found to contain antibiotic,antiviral and antifungal ingradients.


A Consumer's Guide to Medicines In Food.
Ruth Winter,M.S."

So, i am quite doubt with the way i eating. After i came back from the healthy village, i could manage to follow some of the diet like in the village. After pratising for sometime, i found out that i become thinner, the bofore and after is sooooooooo OBVIOUS,so i started to change my diet to eat a little meat sometime. Currently still unsure with my diet, hmm.......will find a way to adjust it,hahaha.

Maybe,it is because i lack of exercise??hahaha, currently, i rarely do exercise le,okay, gotta start to do it, must struggle hard!