July 4, 2023

July 2023

 17/7/2023 , Mon : Cute & Curious baby on the Go !

 The principal sent us her photos showing her activity at the daycare. Isn't she cute?    I can't not show the photos here! 

 Hand carry baby while playing with the climber. 

Bitten by Yee Xuan  

Her bite is really full of strength one. Despite she is having only 4 teeth. but it is quite painful. and the pic above was taken 2 days after. Meaning she bit me on 16th July. 

It all started with , in the car...i was supporting her while she was mesmesrised by the car view outside, then she also casually turning here and there. She turned to my arms like she usually does, I thought she was just going to use her tongue to move...like sucking on pacifier thing. 

Then only I realised that she treated my arm as food the moment she bit me. It was painful though! 

The picture on the left was the 2nd time she bit me . on 17th July night time. WHile I was carrying her into the bathroom. And guess what...the biting is through my clothes. but the bite marks are so obvious! 

Okay...checking on the second day morning...it dissapeared already. 

17th July : I am down with cough and flu  

I am still sneezinga and coughing now, I rest at home. 

Sunday 16th July 2022 : Physical tuition with my students. 

asking my student to present about the disease to me. 

July baby's gathering! 

Nowadays, it is hard to gather everyone together but we made it!  Although JM still wasn't there la. Gathering with my husband's high schoolmate. Those who sat in front are the July Babies! 

Sat 15th July 2023  Curious baby likes to see the view outside 😃😃😃

4th July :Baba woke up early to..... 😭😭😭(touched)

\ 4th July 2023 :Baba woke up as early as 6am today to prepare my porridge (to steam chicken fillet and to cook hard boil egg.). and recently new addition to my daycare meal....bread and steamed carrot stick....because I can eat more now. 

Mummy was thinking of increase the portion of the porridge , but daddy said... let her to eat variety than eating the same food everyday. 

Mummy thought : I am actually quite touched, because he woke up early every day to prepare a healthy , nutritious , hearty breakfast made with 💗💗💗. 

and to make the comprehensive meal, means more time and effort is required.  

On Sun night, the dinner prepared by beloved WS baba八政汤

the baby food I cook for Yee Xuan 

I like the great lightning in a Malaya style cafe, called Uncle Lim in seapark , PJ

My family came over to KLduring the Haji holiday. So we got to spend time. All my family members are so excited to meet YX 

Me lightly dress up . 

but first, we go and have a good high tea first before picking up YX from daycare. 

Our high tea at Farmer's Bar. My father doesn't fancy the western Cuisine. He has just done Chemitherapy, and he jokingly said... This kind of food....makes him want to puke

Then we go and survey the Salmon price in village grocer. It was Rm 135/kg for Fresh Norwegian Salmon - air flown. 

I felt so guilty that day because my baby has been waiting for me for 2hours since 2pm. I am so sorry Tan Yee Xuan. I learnt that Ineed to communciate effectively next time. 

I'm not sure when did i take this, but YX is cute! and mummy was feeling pretty on the day. 

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