August 4, 2021

Stay at home diary : Aug 2021

 26th Aug 2021 

I enjoy teaching. But it has come to the time  that I have to quit as I prioritise health now.  So here's the sweet virtual group photo with them! 

Year 5 

Year  6 


4th Aug 2021 

Being housewife , with a lot of washed clothes to fold. 

Still, because I miss dressing out, I decided to dress up and take some nice photo as I also going to take product shoot for Faber Castell. 

I guess this is the last time I wear this sleeves denim jacket, It makes my arms look flabby. (Although in fact it is. )

But I still couldn't stop being nacarisstic. I mean how many days in a year that I get to dress up myself?  (esp since now it is MCO, stay at home cum pandemic period. ) I miss going out to shop. 

3rd Aug 2021 

Got my 2nd Sinovac dose. at Setia City Convention Centre 

and also at there, we also got entertained by the very talented music band who busked there. I have recorded it at my instasotry 

YOu can view it here. The talented duo who play accordion and guitar. A few other people and me were so into their music as in we got casted 

1st Aug 2021 

What Lao gong cooked on the 1st day of August ! It is the steam vegetarian fish and 青龙菜 (Dragon Chives)

July 2021 

July 25 - Save the plastic

Instead of throwing these bubble wraps into dustin, we can pass it someone to need it. There is a FB group : Save the Plastics for Me  where you can get re-used plastics item like bubble wrap, food container here, the idea here is to reuse them, and reduce the plastics consumption. 

Wei Sheng's cousin sister gifted us this , knowing what we have gone through to encourage us. Thank you so much 

Next, I have spent so much time on instagram, following fashionista and also got lured by a lot of fancy instagram clothing brand to buy clothes. In order to stop myself from buying more clothes, then I went to my wardrobe , try to use my existing clothing to style  my OOTD, with the reference of so many fashionist on instagram. 

Here are some of the OOTD. 

Back then, I only focus on clothes. Now, I learnt that the accessories like hat, shoes, bag also play a part in complementing your overall OOTD. 

One of the OOTD that Imix and match after the styling session the other day. 

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