November 22, 2019

Beauty Review: Althea Brow Wow Eyebrow Pencil


This is the first time I review a eyebrow pencil. Seriously in my thought, I wouldn't review an eyebrow pencil because the mere function of eyebrow pencil is just to give shape to our eyebrow and that's it!

This time, however, I would really like to share my experience of using Althea Brow Wow Eyebrow Pencil, because the experience of using it has been quite convenient.

Why am I loving Althea Brow Wow Eyebrow Pencil? 

1. It is super easy to use

2. It has dual ends

I would just combine the 2 points to elaborate together. The reason it is so easy and convenient to use is because it has dual ends. It is a pencil that has everything that you need to shape your eyebrows! 

After you draw and shape your eyebrow with the tapered triangular pencil, you can easy open another cap on the other end, to comb your eyebrow hair. It was so easy, so convenient, that you can done your eyebrow in just ..less than a min. 

Oh yea, even you are just a new user to learn how to shape your eyebrows. You can always try and experiment with different eyebrow shapes because literally, it only take less than a min to draw an eyebrow! 

3.It is affordable yet providing a promosing outcome

It costs only RM 11 at such great quality! Later when I browse through the Althea Purchasing Site,  then only I found out other additional good features of Althea Brow Wow Eyebrow Pencil. 

Information taken from Althea Purchasing site

You can choose your desire colour out of the 3 different shades of brown. Each giving different tone. I bought all the 3 together during the Althea Promotion.  The reason I bought 3 not only because it is cheap, but also because I can use the suitable shades as I change my hair colour. 

I am using the 01 Grey Brown currently. It has a bit of grey tone that gives a natural eyebrow shade/pigmentation without overdoing it. 

This is how the colours look like one my yellow-toned skin. 

In the count of less than 60 second, mine is 30 seconds probably. Your eyebrows are done with precision! 

Giveaway time

Since the Althea Brow Wow Eyebrow Pencil is such a good deal. I was thinking why not share it with people who are interested?!

So I am giving away 2 people with a Eyebrow Pencil each! 
It is the shade  

#02 Dark Brown
#03 Soft Brown 

All you need to do is just to 

1. Like my Facebook Page , Maple's Diary
2. Follow my instagram account , @maple2772
3. Comment on my instagram account, which shade you would like to get. And the reason why you need to get the eyebrow pencil. I will pick the one that said til Macam Yes! so Be as creative as possible! Looking forward to your participation!

The giveaway will be close at 31st Dec 2019. And 2 winners will be announced on 1st Jan 2020! Wish you luck!


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