August 18, 2019

Snow Skin Mooncake review: Hilton Kuala Lumpur Tropical Allure 2019

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Mid Autumn Festival is approaching. Mooncake, as the Mid Autumn tradisional delicacies has been improvised and appears in variety. You could have seen baked skin mooncake, snow skin, jelly mooncake etc.   Among of all them, snow skin mooncake is my favourite.

It was so happened that I attended an event in Hilton KL, and I came across this series of mooncakes. Hilton KL selling not only snow skin. They do have baked skin too.

Since I prefer to have snow skin, I am purchasing the Snow skin mooncakes together with the Christy Ng handbag. #HiltonKLxChristyNg

Here's how they package it. Since they are selling it as a combo. The mooncakes are put into the bag. Obviously, you could see that I bought 2 BLUEMOON.

There are actually 4 flavours for snow skin. There are

Chynna Rose  Rm 35
Blue Moon   Rm 35
Flower Drum   Rm 35
Heavenly Gold   Rm 56
(I didn't buy Heavenly Gold)

Pardon the less appealing photo. I left the snowskin outside the fridge, and hence it was soften, and looking messy when I tried to put it. But don't be deceived by the less appetizing appearance, it taste better than it looks! 

Chynna Rose
Snowskin with Ginseng Lotus Paste, Hisbiscus and crushed almond. 
Among all the mooncake I bought, the taste of Chynna Rose (Chynna is one of the Chinese Restaurant in Hilton KL), which is actually hisbiscus here is subtle. You can get a taste of hisbiscus, it looks like a jelly in the middle of Ginseng Infused Lotus Paste. 

Taste: 3/5 
I let my husband to try too. This is our least favourite. It doesn't taste bad. It appears less tantalizing after you try the Blue Moon and Flower Drum. So if you want to buy mooncakes from Hilton, would recommend you to replace it with other flavour of mooncake. You can replace it with baked skin mooncake too. If I would re-purchase again, would replace this with any of the Baked Skin single yolk selection. 

Blue Moon
Snow skin amaretto Lotus paste with Blueberry Cheese Feuillantine (Feuillantine means 'crispy'). Looking exotic and ever mesmerizing. You can imagine it was like not-so-heavy cheesecake placed inside the lotus paste, encased by the Blue snow skin. 

It contains alcohol. I got a slightly taste of bitter which I believe is alcohol. The main reason I bought 2 Blue Moon was because it has cheese! It was crispy despite keeping inside the fridge. and would highly recommend Blue Moon! I google online, and saw Blue Moon was with Hilton KL last year, hence it indicates that Blue Moon is actually quite popular! 

Taste: 5/5
We both agree that this is delicious! and if you would like to try, try it with Flower Drum. and buy the Christy Ng bag because it is a more worthy combo this way. Buying one mooncake alone would be Rm 35.

Flower Drum
Snow Skin Lotus Paste with Soft Custard Egg Yolk. Stick to it's tradisional origin wrapped in Purple snow skin. This is hardly goes wrong for those who love to have egg yolk, salted egg yolk in the middle. Especially when FLower Drum has Soft Custard Egg Yolk, it is less salty without compromising it's taste. 

Taste: 5/5
My husband immediately find out it is egg custard inside. If you love to have egg custard. You can have 2 of FLower Drum.

It's actually 4 mooncakes I bought, but another one is Blue Moon. 


Price is one of the consideration when I decided to bought this. First, one snowskin mooncake is Rm 35. Meaning you will pay Rm 105 when purchasing 3 snowskin (actually most of the baked skin also Rm 35) Secondly, the beautiful enhanced handbag is the main reason I bought the whole package. 

The package I bought: Rm 168

The strap: additional RM 20 

10% off for cardholder of 
Citibank, OCBC, Maybank, CIMB, HSBC, Standard Chartered & Hong Leong Bank.

Hence, I paid Rm 180.20 for 4 snowskin mooncakes and the Christy Ng designer handbag! 

    Instead of purchasing individually at Rm 35 for one mooncake, buying the mooncake with the handbag sounds worthy for me =P (女人钱容易赚就是这个道理😂😂😂)

Also the Christy Ng handbag has 2 colour selection. Crimson Red and Royal Purple. 
Image from Hilton KL. You can check out the price in the link too! If you are purchasing the combo, would suggest you to call first to check the availability of the strap. While I was thinking to get the Crimson Red or Royal Purple, the staff told me the strap has been out of stock. So I just went with the red strap from the display set. 

Ending this post with the mooncake I have cut just to show the inside filling of the mooncake. When I mix them together, it seems more appetizing for me to eat! 


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