December 4, 2015

That Comma Cafe Setia Alam

That Comma Cafe is one of the cafe located in Setia Alam, Shah Alam. It served really delicious western cuisine such as pizza (I tried Hawaian Chicken and Comma Canadian, both are real awesome! ), big breakfast, hot platter that has variety of pork mixing with some sweet potato and salad.

Comma cafe set up by a trio of the same enthusiasm . They were designers and using their own magic, turning Comma Cafe into a place where you love to hang out! Despite the fact it is located at First Floor, the ambience in the cafe is colourful and warm in a minimalist way. Don't get what I mean?

Picture talk will do =D
I esp like this photo. See what I mean colourful and warm in minimalist way~~ 

The cozy ambience inside. 

Even for seat, there were 3 types of different seats that you can choose. This one of them. England vintage style cushion~~ like it!

On the other notes, thank you boy friend to be my driver! And thanks for accompany me throughout the food review! It means a lot to me!

Another type of seat, by the window~~

That is decorate with several cute plush toys and cushion~~ You were so tempt to take some nice photos!

One of my favourite photo too!

There is never ending of design when you really have enthusiasm on it!

Alright, here come the first beverage, Mint Latte
A mix of refreshing and coffee. If you have try various type of coffee, you might have try this too!

4 season drink

Literally from Left to Right is Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

Gemmint  Rm 11
Sparkling Mint Rm 11
Lemon Glade Rm 11
Tropicana Banana  Rm 13

I like the salt & sugar at the brink of the glass. The way it resemble magarita give extra twist to the Gemmint! Of all the flavour drink, I like Tropicana Banana the most, it is coconuty tropical and fulfilling at the same time. Would recommend you to order something citrus so that you will have some place for their parfait, which you wouldn't want to miss!

That yum yum cheesy pizza~~~

Savory Pizza 9"

Hawaiian Chicken Rm 18.50
Comma Canadian Rm 15.90  (with olive ring)

Comma Canadian Rm 15.90

The formula is simple (Pork Bacon, Fresh olive ring, and generous amount of Austrialian cheese) . The crust is neither too thin and it's crunchy! A pizza and cheese lover should really try this. Cause you will back with happy belly~~ 

Thin crust

                                                              Hawaiian Chicken Rm 18.50

Hawaiian chicken has it all. Pineapple cubes, succulent chicken slide, savory tomato puree. The munchy of Hawaiian Chicken is a mix of crunchy and juicy, thanks to the pineapple and chicken slides. Yummy! 

When they baked to the perfection and serve it hot, the first thing that you want to do is just to grab one piece of it, pull it out to watch how those cheesy pull apart, and have it warm in your tummy. This is when you know the next time you come Comma Cafe, you will have this in your order. Everything is just perfect, neither too salty, or slumpy but the perfect! 

                                                                    Grilled Chicken with Tomato Puree Rice Rm 19.50 

I kind of regret that I keep taking photo until the cheesy is coolen. Make sure that you mix the Tomato Puree Rice with the cheesy before eating. I tasted the mild tomato puree rice and the chicken seperately. And it seems normal. 

Carbonara with Pork Bacon, Sauteed Mushroom & Herbs Rm 16.50 

The carbonara here is neither too creamy or dilute. The boss here always listen to the feedback from customer, and this is why I guess. It just nice. I mean it might be dilute for ang moh. But this is the type of carbonara sauce that I like. Homeade sauce topped with bacon and slided button mushroom. Best it when hot. 

                                                                                 Pork Bacon Aglio  Olio Rm 16.50 

The Aglio Olio is less spicy to my taste bud. But fret not, you can request to have more spicy in the dish, because they would accustom the dishes to customer's spicy tolerance level. On the other side, it would means that this would be prefect for those who don't eat spicy too! Instead, this Aglio Olio was garnished with ginger powder to enhance the overall taste. 

                                                                                   Signature Breakfast Rm 27.50 

I feel like one of the speciality here is about the pork. Because I learnt that some of the regular customers here like to have pork. They even suggest Bak Kut Teh flavour for Pizza. Yea~~  this is where they came out with creative dishes from customer feedback! 

Pork bacon, Pork ham, 12 inches Pork Sausage from Taiwan. This signature Breakfast served all day and is enough for 2 people. 

                                                                                                      Hot Platter

Pork knuckle in German style, Smoked pork ribs, Pork meat ball, and the 12 inches long Pork sausage appeared as salty dishes. The garlic bread, Caramelise sweet potato , Mash potato and some blanching long beans, carrots and potato wedges and Fried Onion Ring. 
The meatball here is something to try.The rib has been marinated with special homemade sauce before grilled. 

 And the combination of salty and sweet here make everything standout! This is a must try in Comma Cafe! 


Even the BBQ sauce is tasty! Perfect consistency, and flavourful in taste. 

If Pork lover come here for the Hot Platter, the meatball and the pizza, then dessert lover would be here for their parfait. 

                                                                 Coffee Parfait Rm 13.90 

A look at it might  not give a second thought to order it. It turned out to be a surprise and among the dessert, I like this the most. The layering of different ingredients create the multiple level of textures on it. Vanilla ice-cream, coffee, Oreo biscuit crust turning this coffee parfait into a special twist! 

I am not a coffee lover, but somehow the sweetness in the vanilla ice-cream balanced out the bitter in coffee. As you savour it, you get to try all the sweet, combination, and bitter in this coffee parfait and the next thing that you realise is that you already empty the glass. 

                                                         Strawberry Parfait Rm 16.90 

The strawberry is not less delicious compare to the coffee parfait. But somehow the bitter in coffee giving me the unexpected surprise, that win my heart and tummy, haha. This strawberry parfait make it's presentation in a real big juicy strawberry, with sweet vanilla ice-cream and Oreo biscuit. 

There were still 2 other flavours of parfait which is Apple Crumble and Green Tea. Both sounds appealing to me. Will try both of them during my next visit! 

You might want to order the most popular choice of parfait, but each of this parfait has their own devotees that shouldn't be compare.. It can be conclude in people who love strawberry would chooce strawberry,  people who adore coffee would go for coffee parfait , same goes to Green Tea and Apple Crumble. 

                                                                                       Signature Brownies Rm 19.90

Now, present you the Brownie! Doesn't look like Brownie? Yeah~~ there is a trick on how to it eat. Watch this video then you will understand. 

Tadaa~~~ This is when you get to solve over the magic and savour it! The trick is do is as soon as it's served. The chocolate here is quite overwhelming. People who like it will like it.

Banana Crepe?

This hasn't on the menu yet, nor it has it's officially name during our food review. Could someone inform me if you know the dish's name? Created with banana, shredded coconut flakes and kaya.Simple and fulfilling dessert but it is so delicious! Would be a prefect choice for Yum Cha-ing~~   

Last but not least, thanks to Mr Leong for the invitation! It's my first time having to handle a food review, and I am glad that it was in a nice cafe!Thanks to the boss for actually serving us so many dishes, because most of them are so so delicious!

 Hawaiian Chicken Pizza
 Comma Canadian Pizza
 Hot Platter (esp when you like to eat pork)
 Coffee Parfait (I don't drink coffee, but I love this)

If you visit this cafe few months later, you  may or may not see the same food again. Because Comma cafe update and change their menu every 3  to 6 months depend on the popularity of the foods. But their meatball in the hot platter is something to try. Which I believe they will reserve that cause it's too delicious!

I also feel like the food that you see here is so different from any other cafe, because they take times to think, create and re-create a new choice of foods, and absord customers' feedback at the end of day. This is what makes their food so delicious.

Last but not least, I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoy eating the food here! =D

That Comma Cafe
17, Jalan Setia Prima A U13/A
Shah Alam, Malaysia
03-3358 4456

Opening Hour
11am - 11pm daily
Closed on Tuesday 

Saturday until 7pm. (There is a Pasar Malam just in front of the shop on Saturday night.)

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