December 17, 2015

HuaHin/Bangkok Day 2 : Damoneon Saduak Floating Market >> Santorini >>Camel Republic>>> Plearnwan

8.30am –Damnoen Saduak Floating market
1.00pm – Lunch- Hua Hin
2.30pm – Santorini Park (50THB) + Camel Republic too bad raining + renovation =(
6.30pm-  HuaHin Night Market, Tid Tarad Hostel Hua Hin

 So , the story here is after our Day 1, we started a new second day!! After a very warm hearty local breakfast prepared by our host, we move to one of the place that I quite anticipating! I had a good moment here when I visit Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in January 2015. And now I visit them again on 25th September 2015.

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 Our tour cum driver come and fetch us on 9am with 7 seated Toyota Innova, I wouldn't say it's spacious, but it was okay and consider comfortable also. Somemore, for our second day, we only paid 3000THB for the 10 hours tour including Petrol, Toll fee, and visit in all the places mention at the above itinerary. 

Damnonen Saduak Floating Market

Next, we reach our destination! Damnoen Saduak FLoating Market!! Surprisingly, this time is not as fun as previous time....but anway, I made a video to preserved our Kok Family old good memories. but with 2 of our members absent =( 

Next, after that we headed to lunch,as we didn't buy much to eat during the floating market tour. 

Lunch in Huahin

This is just to show which restaurant that we eat, I don't particularly recommended this restaurant actually.  Total spent on lunch is 950THB, that is about Rm 100

"Why is the liquor so bitter one? "

I type too fast, slip of finger.eye~~ =D 


Ticket (Santorini + Camel Republic) = 750THB for 5 people 

Similarly, during my visit her eon January, we have so much fun that we stay here for maybe 2-3 hours. But this time, due to the raining weather and majority part of it are closed for renovation. We spent only about 1 hour here =( 

Santorini, I come all the way from Malaysia to see you one ler~~ Why you like that~~

so we came across this Green Hulk and wanted to take photo with the statue. It was my father who start with the crazy post at first, haha. Then Follow my bro.

then followed by my youngest bro, Jian Long

at the end all of us join into the shoot, to imitate the Green Hulk's furious face.

Muaks muaks~~ many loves from me 

They said " Travelling is a way of charging Battery" this is so true, you see, how relax and the brim smile from my parents~~~ 

and the music that is good too~~

A video posted by @maple2772 on

Camel Republic

Next, we moved to Camel Republic. I thought that this time I can touch alpaca, I like ALPACA!!! But then, due to the raining weather (again), all the alpaca were kept inside the cage and are not allow to go to exposed area =(

 Travel all the way from Malaysia, only to meet the plush toy Aplaca =.=

 I used Mei Tu Xiu Xiu to turn the grass into Lake Green colour~~

Some of the really cute alpaca that I snapped in January. 


After that we went to Hua Hin Night Market, if you wanted to see our moment in Hua Hin Night Market, please stay tuned for the next post yea =D 

Didn't want this post to be too long winded . Good night! 

P/s: actually, there are not much pictures in each of the every tourist places, cause I have been there before. For the first time, because I never see those things, so I keep taking photos, but this time, things that I see are mostly the same, hence not much picture taken here.
And most of the place that you have been to once in these places, you don't feel like want to go there for 2nd time, because Once is ENough =D

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