December 17, 2015

Hua Hin Night Market

Actually this post is the continuos of the Day 2 post, I wanted to blog about HUa HIn Night Market, but I found out that the photos for my September trips is only less than 10 photos, hence I decided to merge January & September post in Hua hIn Night Market together. 

5th January 2015- Travel with Yi Pei & YI Min,Xin Yin, Zhi Wah, Coerlly & Chia Ying. We bought the ticket during Air Asia Promotion, for only Rm 227 for return ticket. 

You can click here if you want to have a look at our 5 days Bangkok/HuaHin Itinerary. 

 January Trip

I have actually uploaded most of the photos into Facebook, Click here to see it. 

 I am sure that everyone who has vistied Hua Hin would have visited this place before. But if you haven't this is how Hua Hin Night Market look liked on January 2015.

All the photos in January Album here, were taken with Sony Nex 3N

We went there during January, guest that it was holiday season, cause really damn crowded. When I visited in September, it is less congested already.

 The exploration from 6 budaks~~~

 Thailand never short of this colourful creative fancy food, places, and the same concept was apply to toilet too~~ haha.

 There were several seafood restaurants in the Hua Hin Night Market, but only a few that offer western cuisine.

I later saw a lot of this in Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok, I really forgot where is cheaper. But this is so cute to decorate our bedroom~~

 The night is still young. Also, this is my first time enter the 7eleven in Thailand, and we were so excited!We basically go 7eleven every day, to buy food, daily stuff, and have our breakfast settle on the rushing trip.

Even the carbonara in 7eleven (50THB) in Thailand here is cheaper than carbonara in 7e MY (RM 7-8)

First time I saw so many Lay snack from Thailand

so whatever also must snap first. 

 YOu must try this! So delicious! Only 20THB. I saw a gigantic one in Plearwan, but this is more delicious lar~~

 Even the process looking at the lady making this Thai Pancake is a delightful visual feast.

 So appealing hor~~ The way they arrange those fresh-looking seafood so close to the passer by , really hard not to get attracted. And everything in Hua Hin seem so cheap.

And honestly, the next time I went there, I feel like I have vistied a less congested version on Petaling Street(KL), except that here is more visually beautiful, colourful, and no fake items.

If you like to have seafood in Hua Hin, I recommended you to visit this restaurant because their boss is so friendly. He even add on extra cheese sauce for us, seeing that we like it so much~~ 

The restaurant is opposite this bar.

 I wish I can tell you how much is this, but it is totally worth it, I assured you.

Not yet looking inviting while we enter. 

But soon, it becomes so captivating after we finished our dinner. 

Next, this is going to be the limelight of the entire dinner! 
Roasted Giant Lobster topped with 
moist delicious Cheese
The cheese is only top on it after the entire lobster is being roasted? I guess, this make the cheese so moist. And it has no the "cheesy foul taste" .....because my friend who like eat cheese because of the foul taste tried this! 

Toast on Delicious Cheese!!

 All of us were so excited. The lobster was so gigantic that it cost about Rm 70-90 , and the cheese on it is so generous! WAIT, i not sure it's the price include the seafood platter or not, I think included. Perhaps you could just find out by yourself? =P

OPen daily  from Evening til Late Night 11pm

 I feel like Chatsila is for creative designer or people who love DIY to sell their masterpiece here, even their second hand booth is instagram worthy!!

 OH yea, foot massage only 99THB (about Rm 10 ) for 30 mins in Thailand, even when you are not interested, most of the time, after dinner you will be a bit tired to walk further~~

It is just located at the corner house not long after the entrance of Chatsila Market
Most of the price of the service in this area were more or less the same price. CHEAP~~ 

my tired face while waiting for our turn. 

 September Trip

Less than 10 photos taken, and this 3 photos are the photos that has point, haha. 
 As usual, dinner like the same dishes every time. 670THB

 Yea, can find Coconut Ice-cream in Hua HIn already, but I already forgotten the exactly location in the night market.

A good massage to sooth our tired leg after the whole day of walking~~~


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