December 27, 2014

Kok Family Raya Trip: Fly to Hong Kong International Airport

As we were travelled in tour group, we need to be there (KLIA) by 6am in the morning.....and our will depart at 9.15am.

Luggages for total 8 people??

 More pricey than the conventional one.....

I like how they have recycle bin in airport! 

 Just a normal excited face of me to be able to see aeroplane....

 my bro has a pair of bling bling eyes!

Credit to awesome inovation of human. Deep condolences to the lost family in MH370 and MH17...

 It seems ordinary, but it's magnificient!

Checking if any liquid is if us. Sad. BUsy drinking water pulak....

 Sorry for spamming pics, I am too excited. I simply snap everything. >.< =D

Aerotrain in KLIA. Must take! Cause first time boarding in KLIA mar~~ In fact, it's my first time boarding to oversea also.

While waiting for train. Also, I did record during our journey into the MAS plane. Still need some time to edit the video before I put it here. =) 

 The first meal on plane!! The nasi lemak was served hot. I like it! Basically I love every food that served hot.~~ LOL~~ carving for these while looking at it now.

 4 hours of JOurney From KLIA to HKIA.

 Yea yea, we must leave of footstep and phot everywhere! My first impression while landing was....omg. HK is so cool. THe air-cond here so cold!

 My siblings! I am the eldest
 I could almost found his appreance almost everywhere during my Hong KOng journey! OH yea, I thought I could only see him here. So I grad this chance to take photo with him! The advertisement of him =( Because Chia Ying asked me to take a lot of photos. And I took this to match with one of her photos in Korea with Kim Soo Hyun (believe me, I think this is first time I type a Korean Name.). But Later on I found another better in Macau Venetian.

Took bus to 深圳 immediately after that. It took about 2 hours to reach. Our first place. The DAMN世界之窗。 Why I used the word "DAMN"? Cause we were already complaint that we were so hungry, straving for food. But the tour guide insist to take us here. To take a photo =.= So that they can earn more  +.+ . So end up we staying outside of the park without buying ticket to enter. That's the feature of travel with tour group. Literally Touch & Go. Even we already spent an amount of bus fuel that. We were here just to take photo. *doubleface palm. 

Well, maybe in the future I will still travel with tour group. BUt a branded tour group or self-planning tour. Many of my friends told me about the cons of travelling with tour group. But it's my mum who arranged for this travel trip. As none of us have been travel abroad before. we dare not to risk ourselve by travelling alone. 

The CONS of travel with tour group:
1. LIterally just Touch & Go in many places. 
2. Spent most of the time in buses (quite suitable for elderly huh)
3. Bring tourist to the unwanted place to hard-sell their tea, clothes, pearl , jewellry andso on. #rubbish . I was and still am quite piss off of this. 
4. TIme wasting travel those damn place.
5. Keep eating the same food. (During my entire trip in China, I have eaten the same type of dishes of first meal until the end. ) . You are not given much chance to explore the local delicacies of the place.
6. Couldn't ensure to control your budget also. You might need to pay for any park entrance ticket if any of the other tourist suggested to visit a place. 
7. Bound to group member activities. You are very much not encourage to leave your group. =( Cannot do exploration.  

The PROS of travel with tour group:
1. No need to walk much, rested in air-cond bus after complete one tourism place. 
2. Save our wallet.Because the trip quite improve everything. Except your shopping expense. (As long as you don't buy those hard-sell effing goods. )
3. Eat until full. 
4. Nice accomodation. (better than budget hotel, though with buffet every morning!)

 Another family portrait again. Security guard look with this spec. But I don't want to splurge any money on spec! Cause I wanna buy other things which I think is more worthy like CLothes, and souvenirs for friends.

 This background seem quite chio, like we were in any hollywood movie scene. Dont you think so?

Neh~~ the actual background...It look better with us,right? Agree~~ agree?

 The first meal in oversea! We waited this for so long~~~~ We actually asked our tour guide to bring us dinner at around 5pm already. The last meal was the nasi lemak that I shown above.

 watch the so call Asia biggest outdoor 3D water show.  It's impressive indeed. But at the same time, it's nothing spectacular. As I can see the show with similar degree of interesting in Sentosa Singapore. Though a bit interesting than Singapore Sentosa, but It doesnt really worth the price when you found out that the 3D water show in Singapore is Free.

It has a story- titled Mangroove Groove.

Laser light show together with real people show!

Manage to take a photo with the male protagonist after the show end. =D

Went to 步行街after that. Nothing spectacular. All the clothes were something like you see in Berjaya Times Square. But I bought a piece of Sport Bra that cost Rm15. Okay lo, bought it anywhere, since I didnt see it in anywhere in Malaysia with such as friendly price.

the first night in oversea!
the first night of our trip. We rest ourselve in this hotel.  I think is the best hotel among of 4 days trip in CHina. The breakfast also showing the most premium standard among the all. 

A bit hungry and cold, so I made myself a cuppa of milo. hehe. Credit to my aunt for such elegant photo of me!

Also I watched 爸爸去哪儿。 I felt that it was such a bliss can watch this show from TV screen, laid back on the bed and doing mask. Back in Malaysia, I usually watch this real life show through my lappy. #dunlike

The view outside my room

the neon orange sport bra that I bought for Rm15! So far haven deck it in any occassion. #failedworkoutplan

Alright, that's all from this post, Maybe I will continue to my Hong Kong trip post here in the future. But for now, I prefer to read novel , talk to my family instead of staying in front of this lappy and blogging. hehe. 


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