December 27, 2014

Vegan Life_Vegetarian, Free MSG, Aritifical White Salt and Sugar

Just when I type this, a scene popped out in my mind. Free of Artificial White sugar does it means it put a lof of brown sugar too?

(maybe I can only answered you when I enter the kitchen)

Located in  New Town Kampar, this air-conditioned restaurant is quite sought after during the dining time. I consider it's size is too packed to seated the foodies here. Why? Because it's a restaurant of one of it kind here in Kampar.

Free MSG
Less salt
No white sugar, and white salt. 

Visited this restaurant a few times already. I like the environment here. Fair, clean and then air-conditioned. Though the restaurant can be quite packed during lunch and dinner time. It's not very spacious too. I would came back here to eat when I want to eat clean, or when I want to practice vegetarian. Haha. Seriously, each of the meal here is so delicious. With the price around Rm7-Rm10. 

 Vegan Bai Kut Tea Rice Rm7.99

 My friend always order this vegan Bai Kut Tea Rice, it has a lot of mushroom inside. Button Mushroom, tauhu , and pair with Red cargo rice.

Best thing about eating here? Girls won't feel bad about taken too much oil! hahaha.

 Vegan life Tom Yam Kung Rm9.99
A little spicy and ssweet as usual. But at first I thought it's laksa. For a person who can't stand too much of spiciness. It's good when you first eat it. After a few soup, you will started to sweat. But my friend seem enjoy it very much.

 This one I really forgot their name ady. Pricing between Rm7.99-9.99 I could said =)

 Jawa Padong Noodle Rm 9.99

This is definitely must try!! A bit spicy also. Same with the Tom Yam Kung above. Cannot stand anymore after a few spoons. So, bring along your friends who like spicy, then you can share a small portion with your friends!

 French Pumpkin Mushroom Soup Rm9.99

Note that this is just a merely soup. So if you want to eat like Asian.,you can of course add on a bowl of rice.

Indonesian Style Fried Mee Hun  Rm7.99

 Green Curry Rice Rm7.99

The aronma of the Green Curry when it goes to your nose is heaven! But the fact is it's more spicy than your nose thought It would be. This might be favourite to spicy lover cause it's my favourite too! Keep drinking in order to eat this.

Basically, all the dishes here are so flavourful. You won't feel like you were eating something healthy but plain. Good for beginner, it was so appetizing!  HOwever,  for those who pursue a really healthy lifestyle, this is a bit too much. I believe you no need to be plain in order to healthy, just that I rather cook by myself as I know the amount of seasoning that I include. Will still come here to eat because I am quite busy to cook nowadays, also the dishes here got  a lot of mushroom!

Vegan Life
2193, Jalan Timah, Taman Bandar Baru
31900 Kampar , Perak. 

Ivan 012-5666044
Jason 010-9826408

Operating hour:
11am - 3pm
6pm -10pm

Disclaimer: THis is not a paid review, it's my own honesty review! 

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