August 13, 2014

Kok Family Raya Trip: The day before departure (C)- Stay in YouniQ hotel

After coming out from KLIA, we went to check-in in this hotel before went to dinner in Inti Nilai area. YouniQ hotel located 15mins away from KLIA, we don't stay in some really nearby hotel from KLIA like Sama-same, those hotel can cost up to Rm500 per night.

So, here's the simple tour of the lobby in YouniQ hotel and the XL room.

I book this hotel online 2 units of XL room with window- for total Rm 186.20. Which mean Rm93.10 per XL room. By saying this, I do no mean tht agoda offer the cheapest rate, the depend more on the season as well.

Booked on:      25th June 2014
Checked in on: 25th July 2014

Just wanted to jot down the date, it might infer something, or it might not. But my primary intention is just to..... jot down. hehehe.

For the tour in the lobby and room, you can watch the video.
For the map, here it is!

Here are some of the photos that I have taken to show the room.
See, our room number is at the bottom there~~~~

XL room is actually room for 2. But 4 for us fit into one room =D

I think the youniQ hotel really spend some effort on designing, not only the basin, even the table light and some of the other furniture also lable with youniQ.

and then their room interior design match the design on lobby also. Which is kind of like blue or purple light radiate behind the mirror or from the wall. It consider quite dark for me. Yellow light make me more comfortable. BLue and purple light in the hotel give me the impression like I am partying for Halloween.

After a long day of travel and rushing, I just want to have a good rest. Despite the lighting did not fit my preference, the hotel is satisfied in any other services and facilities!!

First, it has wifi service only in lobby. (It was ok for me, cause I just want to rest when entering my room)

Second, it provide shuttle van service between KLIA and the hotel with the charge Rm5 per person. Additional charge on luggage I forgot how much. And you need to tell the receptionist in advance. For the convenience of their arrangement.  Note that Rm10 will be charge with one luggage. 

Third, it has free breakfast, don't expect too much , it's basically just a simple breakfast like Coffee, Tea, bread and some jams. It look so lame at first glimpse,I thought will have some ham , and then salad, porridge or a cup of hot milo. But as we need to wake up in 5am and reach KLIA at 6am, we can only eat our breakfast in KLIA. When I got to know the price of Mc Donald, Secret Recipe is relatively higher than the ordinary place, hungry me only nom the bread that my aunt spread from the YouniQ hotel.

Some amazing scene is the lobby. that you can take photos! 

 Mixture of Hotel and family moment: 

OH, this is another shot how the room look like.

See! even the table lamp also has it's signature Q decor on top of it. my XL room has window for the view of highway... and a nice coffee table enough for me to study. 

and NICE photo with my dad and bro~~

alright, so there come the tour of YouniQ hotel from Me, I am Maple. The photos after this are just to keep track of my family's moment. ..

Only family's moment:

We love how the every corner of the lobby is suitable for photoshoot! Exotic matching of the furniture, and the bricks...pic will tell everything =)

Left: Forth siblings of the five(JX), the youngest bro among the 5(JL).
This pic have so much to elaborate...First....only now I realise their eye brows is different. I has the same eyebrow as JX's, erm...not really also, cause my eye brow...if I do not trim, they will connected to each other like a bridge also. While JL has my father's brow. a bit rough, disperse. but still handsome!

JL has longer eyelashes if you observe close enough. I think JL has the longest eye lashes among 5 of us! Not sure his lashes is curve of not though. While JX has thicker double eyelid. Nah, it's just the consequence he sleeps late every night only. Growing up, I also realise that my eyelid become thicker when I don't have enough of sleep. =( .

#too thick is not good

JX has bigger nose. and JL has a cute dimple. Talking about the way they smile for photograph, JX is more confident and JL is a bit shy. He actually can look as sunny as JX when he shows his teeth. Okay, end of the analysis for the pic above.

here are other photos..

So that's all!

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P/s: I think if I don't include video for the next post, if just mean that the video is too silly to show =)


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