July 20, 2009

some latest news about me

it is such a long time since i don't update my blog ady.because i also have nothing special to tell ma!
o.....if sometime i am having the mood to blogging,i can't online,so .....tat is my problem.

recently,ntg special to do la,just always eat out only lo!
kym went to KL
sze yi come back
jia ying came back n return
kwek come back like tat lo

when just ehaun and yunn li come back o?

Sin yue also!she seem accustom the kl life well*jealous*,coz o,i observe tat ppl study in Tar college in Setapak always hanging out at KL city,so shuang!!!
jia ying like tat,lycia like tat,and then stg interest is both of them also study A-level,just the latter one is older than jia ying only.

23-26August2009,i am going to take part in a camp,its a camp organize by fo jiao hui de,so i will be not around my home on the mentioned date.
u know where is the location of the camp?
its located our primary school,i think i won't afraid of the those "thing" gua,coz got the buddha 坐镇,i just worry about the bathroom there(actually is lavatory more),because it is small and ......it just strikes me like a.....a dirty bathroom. dun noe la,things will solve de~船到桥头自然直.

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