July 20, 2009

i thought,i forget

just half an hour ago,once again a nearly hapenned accidence.
haiz....i hate myself like this la.

actually,after ponder about sometime,i don't think careless is the factor.
because first time was i forget....
second time, i forget and i thought.....
third time, i thought.....i dont listen.
fourth time ,i thought......

after analysis all of this,i have learned that not always "i thought",because..even one of my friends also told me,don't let i thought drive ur mind,i thought will making tragedic happen if u continue to i thought.

and then last time ,if don't mistaken,it was my first time to drive during the night alone,and i forget to switch on the light,fortunately,ntg happened.and i realised it just after i reach somewhere a few miles from my house only,because it was dark ,and i feel something was wrong,then i just realised it.and i commited to myself,never do such a little false again.well,i never done this fault after that ady.After i came back,and i told my family,my father said:"there is not i forget i forgot in driving matter.......this sentence remind me how serious even u done a tiny fault
esp in driving matter.

however,somehow,i kept involve in the nearly happened ,and all these are my faults,haiz.....hate myself again.like just now,i know there is a risk,i thought i could cut over the car,but the car's driver was ...hone me...and i didn't even glimpsed the car,i just looked forward only.all of this happened because i thought again.

i write this post because i wanted to remind me and remind you too(don't behave like me).go all out not to thinking of i forget ,i thought and not to apply i think,i forget in your life,because it will make you wrench.and that is no more turn back like before.

lets replace i thougt,i forget into i guarantee,i confirm.


a commitment to myself.

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