July 27, 2009


sport check today or a raid.
only 2 teacher came in our class and actioning only,why prefect had no involve one?
quite weird,right?

they entered our class .Shouting" the boys move to the front of class and facing white board,the girls behind."

the female teacher also touch our body too.the one and only malay girl was caught on red.i wonder why she didn't hide her hp immediately.

and uzir's pendrive was being confiscate(was it false to bring pendrive to school?i not agreed)

and John's ipod was being confiscated too,but finally,he get back his.i don't know why,i didn't asked him.

Actually,i am thinking of becoming perfect too.But if such incidence happened,the raid,which side should i choose? friends or be a respondsible perfect? neither.i perfer to choose librarian then.

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