August 5, 2015

Special encounter on first August in Sunday & Porki Society

As Sue Yee said, it is just a very special encounter. Initially we met in Porki Society because it's near my house. She wanted to pass me the cookies, homemade cookies from Deliccia because I am the lucky 200 person who like Deliccia's facebook page. (Hmm, am thinking to do a giveaway for my blog too, what do you think? )

 OKay,  I helped to promote xia, Deliccia not only supply homemade cookies baked by Single moms, she does catering and coffee also.

 Wefie, over exposure under the natural light. Okay lar, wrong camera setting, hehe

And here come the special encounter. While Sue Yue went to toilet, I just simply strolling, 38 (being nosy) around. Cause I see a man was so serious taking foods' photo (haha, this is how we get connected, passion for delicious foods, although I prefer to take people more than food, but he just look like so pro, I have to go and see, *walking there while thinking so)

The serious man that I meant. 

Mana tahu, rupa2 nya dia pun blogger juga. 

Believe me when I said he is blogger who blog his own recipe. Yes! I am saying a male blogger who cook by himself and share his recipe on this blog later on. I knew you just won't believe, here is the proof :

sorry for those who can't read in Mandarin. Guess what, instead of his wife, he is the one cook for dinner at home! 

He was snapping this food picture for promotion purpose. Then Sue Yee and me just talked to him, and then the next minute we were eating the food, after he shooted them, hehe.

Then we continue to talk talk talk, disturbed him while he was busy photographing , and I also asking some food photography tips from him. Here is my photos. Maple's version of photos. My photos not bad also mar~~ 

BBQ  MOO TOD with Thai CHilli Sauce RM 15.90

 Grilled Porki with Signature Sauce Rm 15.90

Actually hor, I can taste a different for the pork, but it's still  mild spicy on both. Just the MOO TOD means BBQ pork and Grilled Porki means GRILLED =D

OKay lar, MOO TOD is just very tender and you will experience a sensational mild spicy while chewing it. It seem tasteless at the first, then surprise come after.

Grilled porki is moist, and saucy.

Tee asked us to eat it faster, cause the longer you eat it, the harder the pork became. Still it actually quite tender for me. WHERE GOT become Harder o?

 CHilhoodd memory Metal Mug, and the mug so-me, coz I like colourful thing.

 I just can't stop but snap an instagram worthy photos, with all the colourful platter in one. I knew it's not very nice. but still very nice what. Assorted mar~~ Dress colour also included.

 Tom Yum Fried Rice Rm 14.90

Ah Tee ar, why not Tom Yam Fried Rice?
If Porki Rice was so carnivorous, then this is the Asian-carbohydrate-yet-remain-Thai comfort food. I personally like TOm Yam so much. I prefer the TOm Yam soup more than Tom Yam fried rice, but this fried rice has entice my tongue, my digestive system or maybe my brain to eat more.

Normally when you eat Tom Yam fried rice in Malaysia, it's just so rigidly spicy you cant stop coughing. ALso I am not a very spicy version.Tom yam soup would be smoother in a way to savour it. Now, this Tom Yam fried Rice from Porki Society changed the feature that Tom Yam fried Rice is hardly spicy, it's as smooth as when you drink TOm Yam soup.

 I am a huge Tom Yam soup lover FYI. So I like this Tom Yam Fried Rice, yummy =D

 Green Curry Fried Rice RM 15.90

This is Sue Yee's favourite. The fried rice is a little moist, as it was cooked with lemak. NOt bad also. Sue Yee also like the eggplants inside I didn't know why, it's just normal for me only. Noting that it is PORKI society, my expectation matches the truth. All the dishes here (except dessert) has pork either as main ingredients or just a garnish.

 Thai Clear Porki Noodle Rm 13.90

Not bad wor~~ Looking clear and plain and tasteless, but the soup itself is flavourful, noted that I also didn't add any Thai chili sos, fish oil sos, watever sos to garnish. It still flavouful, it reminds me of the thick soup of Tonkotsu Ramen (in which the soup is thick and savoury)

TOm Yum Seafood Noodle Rm 15.90  

 Porki Society located in a shoplots on the address of

10, Jalan 21/19, Seapark, 47400 Petaling Jaya Selangor.

 Open at

12pm - 10pm everday


Would be cozy during the afternoon, occupied the cafe all by yourself. Surfing internet with the wifi for free in air-conditional ambience.

or you might want to see more photos, let me divert you to The Porki Society facebook page. 

Porki Society
10 Jalan 21/19, Section 21, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya.

 Open daily, 12pm - 10pm 

Contact: 03-7865 1968

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