May 29, 2015


hi, my dear friends who is reading this, whenever you see a title #date, it means I will share the events that I encountered during the day or the week. And the post would always have no continue from the previous one. For instance, my previous post stop at #8, then I would start with #9 for this post!

I I learnt that you must either find accomodation first, then only you find your work in the vicinity, especially in Selangor area, where traffic jams always occur during the peak hour.

OR find your job first, then look ofr accomodation in the vicinity. then you can save a lot in term of wake up time, driving time, less trafic jam, and a more refreshing you!

I really not used to smell pollution gas from vehicle on the road lar~~ Like I was testing the route from Taman Paramount to Ara Damansara. While I waiting for Rapid BUs T607 at Kelana Jaya LRT station, I really felt a bit irrating cause the smell of pollution air. 

I guess I really STEPPING out of COMFORT Zone, cause I slowly realise that I am going to enter a word that previously never exist in my life. Hehe, sound so different yea, I actually see how people live in that way, but I never imagine that one day I would live like that. What I mean is

1. makan like a boss everyday. My working place is consider quite a high end area, all the food is on average Rm 12. With my mere internship allowance, how could I survive o? and not forgetting about Toll Fee, Petrol, Parking Service...hmmm, seem like I already complaint a lot before I even start my lar, I am not complain, just trying to save money can I can do so. In fact, I am quite excited to start working anytime soon! I am more than ready to learn anything new! Let's wish me luck! 

I felt so guilty I already taken Mc Donald twice in a week. Urgh~~~

Buy a house before you buy a car. If you need car to travel, then travel with any car that can use is good enough, even its second hand or third hand.

Maybe the first property that you buy is no need renovation fee one, then you can save a lot. 

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