March 11, 2015

The one day student journalist life

Okay, in the midst of super tension now. I even skipped most of the class today. and only attend to campus 30 minutes for the tranformative grammar.

Woke up 8.45am today, I jerked up and went down from bed immediately, without need to 来床。First thing I did, turn on my laptop, wanted to confirm about the format of Moral Writing with my lecturer.

Sat until 11.00am like that, I grab my camera, paper and all the necessary stuffs, went out to grab some brunch cum interviewing the hawkers in Westlake. It's an aunty who sell economic rice. She is quite friendly and polite in replying me, though she was busying handle food for customer.

I realise that all the hawkers here were friendly, probably because we, students are their potential customer. So they don't wanna to break their earning.

In fact, I am not the only one who approach them. The aunty today, said that quite a lot people come and ask about this issue already, I repeated this for few times already. Anyway, she still accept my interview when I told her that I need more information from every food proprietor.

In the end, when I asked to take her photo and her name. She kindly refused by saying : "A lot students came and asked me, but none of them ask about my identity also.

I started to wory. How am I going to get a photo of an authority. It is required for my assignment. When I went back , while noming for da bao economic rice, with a soy sauce chicken and mixed vegetable. I thought of this.

People who selling food in Westlake now don't have license, do you think they were still want to give you to show their face in the news?

Oh, crap~~ how? The only credible source that I can approach now is Masjid Daerah Kampar (MDK) aka Kampar District COuncil. I called several time to the office this morning.

The first receptionist: Can, you just come lar.

The second receptionist: You must have a surat (letter) in order to interview them.

After my presentation, I went to MDK around 1.30pm. It also took me some time to figure out the way going there. Upon reaching, I talked my concern to the receptionist counter >> Couter 9 >>> Puan Mas sekarang pergi rehat, you duduk situ tunggu yea~~ (During the one hour waiting)

1. Talk to Miss Kong that the receptionist? or maybe the so-called pintu (door) counter there. I realise that everyone in the MDK is quite friendly and helpful.  They all offer to help me seeing I had been waiting for stone age.  Eventually, I got the hp number of Puabn Mas, but damn, her line is not reachable =.+. So I continue to wait.

I was so determined, and must get to interview her about this issue by TODAY.

2. After sometime, another Malay men who seem vocal suggest that I could have go to Jabatan Penguatkuasaan to get this information. So I went. (Going upstair, counter 13)

3. The friendly staff in the Jabatan Penguatkuasa also share the same thing, you have to the the Yang Di Pertua's permission to get any information about this.

4. So he helped me to pass this matter to the Yang Dipertua's office.  After waiting for around 5 mins in the office. I was told this

" Your letter should have a UTAR letterhead, and it's signify by someone from there, either admin staff or lecturer. Meaning, it should be an official letter." 

Actually I knew before when I was informed that I need to have the letter for interviewing. I chose to act tak-tahu (don't know) about this, cause the only things I knew is, I must get this done by TODAY!! I just try my luck without the official letter. So in the end, I went back home vain. Vainly, without any information from MDK.

Expected but still feel a bit frustrated. The assignment require us to type about 1000 words, and I already half way, only a photo is needed. There is 10 seconds I asked myself whether to ask Ms Tang Ying Ying signed for me?

But forget about it, it's way too troublesome. She would ask me why that I didn't complete this earlier.

On the way back, I have several ideas about special reporting assignment (in-depth, complrehensive, what beats? )

1. Convocation and accomodation available

2. How does MDK dispose the complaint from people. (Apparently, they have meeting every Monday to sort of the complaint received, and discuss which department should in charge of which cases. Sometimes, 2 different departments were also need to work together to handle those compalint) You can focus on the procedure, let people outside know how MDK process the complaints receive from people.

What I feel now is:

1. That feeling of being rejected, when people don't wanna to accept your interview.
2. After all your effort (though negligible, but it counts! ), waiting for one hour, typing out the letter, you still didn't granted your wish. =(
3. I also moaning on after all the 579 words that I type, I might need to consider switch to other topics already~~

Actually, I am not frustrated, I knew this would come. But I need sometime to digest it also. Especially now, this week and next week, is the assignment and mid term peak season, all the assignment duedate is just 2 or 3 days from each other. How you hope you can just finish everything in a sweep.

When I went back I also very determined to write this out, in the midst of busy hour. But do you know, blogging is my passion. The busier I am, the eager I wish to update my blog. I won't delay in action when it comes to blogging, but others? hehe, I would see the duedate first.  it's a useful escapism for me. Some more it took me less than one hour to do this. It's actually a productive escapism, which can sharpen my writing. Blurt out everything in my mind.

my vain look while internship interview in KL.

So off my grumble now. Back to reality =/

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