March 21, 2015

Westlake International School- Make a Difference Carnival

Annyeong! Went to carnival from Westlake International School (WIS) today. It was fun and really an eye-opening experience. It's so much different from the goverment school carnival. I mean, in term of value, perception. How to put it~~ will explain further in between of this post. Teehee~~

The landscape of the carnival, but not all~~

 I saw their video before I joined this carnival, I thought the entrance is free, but...It actually require Rm 20 for this =.=.

I doesn't mean to look down on the effort of these students in preparing all the stuns in this Science Center. But Rm 20 is consider quite high for entrance fee, despite that maybe I can play all the interactive game inside.

Even a concert, and theatre performance in UTAR Grand Hall is only Rm 10-15. Anyway, I really wish that I join this exhibition in the future. There are 18 booths inside.

Quite impress with their hall~~~

While on the way to the carnival spot, we found this along the road. 

 eh~~ I didn't see this at all. Got meh? 

This is interesting, like funfair.  

Haunted house, run by Year 8 (Form 2) students! Quite brilliant ler~~

So I took this chance to take photo with them! Though not all of them. Actually felt quite ashamed that they speak better English than me ler~~ 

Poster to promote Water Striker. Run by Year 4 students. Didnt see  kids' doodling for quite sometime. What amaze me is that, their school management allow them to paste their masterpiece on the pillar on the way to canteen. I mean the adult won't block the creative development of the kids, and they were proud of their students, display their hardwork to showcase the public, in the most functional way.

see what I mean? 

Another way of promote people to Mansion house. Thumbs up!

 Some of the booths for the carnival. Why our UTAR flea market never sell pizza one? Guarantee selling fast ler~~

SOme of the other foodstalls!

FIrst pic: I believe the man who selling exoctic food here, is really from Spanish lor~~ Quite tempting to buy, but I need to save money for game, so no buying lo~~

 This aunty selling Chicken Briayani rice here. My friend believe that this is from Arabian.

Alright, it look ugly here, I only remember to take pic halfway eating. But the gravy is so delicious. A bit sour, made up from Mint, Coriander, and....etc ...forgotten. The nasi also very nice, with chicken inside, this remind me of the arabian restaurant in my hometown.

Game corner run by students 

I don't think when we were study in Primary school, we were given the chance to selling food to public, in charge of a game booth, and need to talk to public one. I don't think so. 

Maze at the first floor. 

Spent my Rm 2 to play this game. Unlimited number of throwing within 30 seconds. In the end.... I only get 1 target hit. =.=  Though Rm 2 is expensive for a game, but credit to the student approaching to persuade us. I really admire their courage at the age of Year 7? year 8? 

Even the paintball game also available.  This carnival is like ALL in ONe, with each game cost certain amount also. 

 Came across my student here! #itsasmallworldafterall , He is only year 5 when I taught him, and now transform into a Year 9 secondary student, anyway quite proud of him lar, he seem more outgoing ler~~ and more handsome also.

playing with props! 

 Photo taken using my sonyNex F3 

Photo taken with polaroid camera. Why look nicer than semi-pro camera one?? I feel like I wanna buy a polaroid camera now.  

Only look a bit better after enhancing~~ 

 Since I am here to cover news, of course I should have take this opportunity to take photo with WIS principal! Ms Sherry~ =D

This is not only a carnival, but carnival for charity course. All the profit that they earn today would be donated to 2 organizations.

 Looking good!

Interview 2 of the girls that benefit under Malaysian Care. 

and I found this stall selling cute colourful pillowcase, it is sth- wheat (pronounce as but-wheat) inside the pillow, but not the usual cotton. Price between Rm 38-58 including the pillow case.

To my surprise , she is actually selling this in TEsco Kampar, near the food court there. in a gift shop called

 Lovely Q Jewellery.   
the bos : Sam Yen

Fun Craft & Art

 So, Sheena and Me decide we should try on DIY, making a cute memo holder!

That's all the journey of us in this WIS-MAD carnival. 

p/s: Didn't explain the theme "Make A Difference" because I wanna keep some for my news covering mar~ 


  1. Hi Maple, thanks for dropping by our Carnival. My name is Michael Lo, a Physics and Maths teacher at Westlake International School. Saw your review from our FB page. Well, it's a pity that you did not come into our Science Center, which I was in charge of. Well, RM20 seems a lot. But, the amount of time, effort, creativity, sweat put in by our students is enormous. It's really worth it. I never had such experience when I was a secondary school student. Anyway, we welcome all your comments and I have posted your blog for my kids to read. Have a good day. :)

  2. hi, Mr Micheal,
    thanks for dropping by =D I really glad that you share my post. Yea, really should deny the effort that sutdents had pour on in preparing all these. Just that in my case, as a student, I cant fork out on that lar. But as u said, I can see the amazement in science center even by looking at the video, really wish that I can make it, same as u, I also never experience things like this ler. And the fact that students think of these ideas all with minimum assistant from teacher, it make this science centre more interesting!

  3. Hi Maple, if you came and see me on Carnival Day and let me know that you are a blogger, I would had let in you with 50% discount. Anyway, thanks.

  4. By the way, haunted house was run by Year 10W while haunted maze was run by Year 10I.


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