February 24, 2015

New Year New Me

Hi, sweeties! First, thanks for dropping by here.

Recently, I feel that I have abandont my blog massively.
And I am sick today, sore throat, really subtle pain all the time. I don't have mood to do anything except to sit quietly in front of my lappy and scroll blog post of others.

After seeing the blogspot of others, I felt that why my blog doesn't felt like worth reading? I mean it's actually every informative, I scoured every nook and cranny for the bits of information. I think perhaps it's my blog template that doesn't make this blog look inviting.

So, I thank you for dropping by here. 

you have so far spent your time to read until here!

This post here, I am going to post something about myself!

I just felt a bit falter when I saw someone, at the age of mine,

financially independant
can even buy some lovely gifts for her parents in CNY

I mean, although I don't feel myself as an adult. (By saying adult, I mean those adult who is working, having a stable income, and a lot of opportunity for career advancement )But I really want to do something to contribute my family. At least, not to ask money from parents.

But..said is easier than done, hehe
I really cannot stop going to those nice eatery to eat, or stop going roadtrip, because I don't know when this will happen again if I let it go. At this time, this spirit with the best companion. You know you just should reject. hahaha

So to compensate my guilty, I promise myself to study harder, be someone who is well rounded. Sounds very general? I mean improve myself in everything. Instead of having some resolution which I could hardly achieve, I list out some of my to do list here.

1. Change my blog template!
2. Study harder
3. BLog harder, I didn't update so frequently previously, but I can be so easily distract when I do assingment, I went to see some interesting youtube video. End up, I spent 2 or 3 hours there. So why not I just spent like 40 minutes to blog a short post here. I want to make this space look inviting! 

4. Stand firm on your goal / to do list. Achieve your target. Don't just plan.
5. Learn to taking care of others.

So, this is the new me! New Year, Better Me. I would work out everything!


  1. Like your jumpper. It's nice! I always wanted to get one but everytime thinking of going public toilet is so ma fan...
    n I abandon my blog s well..haha

  2. thanks! i got it only for rm 25, damn cheap ler~~~


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