August 8, 2014

Kok Family Raya Trip 2014 : The day before departure (A)

25th July 2014- The day before depart

Still remember vividly it's on Firday cause I skipped class that day as I need to take early ETS to KL sentral. Harlo!!!!! KL, I miss the hustle and bustle in KL city. But this time, I won't linger on you so much, cause I am going to a city which is more hustle than you!

 When I first came down from ETS, around 1.20pm

 Took 2.30pm bus to KLIA 2 to meet our aunty who was flying off from Kelantan. cost only Rm10 with 1 hour journey ! If I go with KLIA express it would be Rm35 for only 35 mins. Since we are not in rush, so why not taking bus to date with the scene on the way to KLIA 2??

My family already there by the time we reach KLIA 2, so meet my handsome bro!

 With solely 2 of us luggage. Did'nt take photo in ETS , coz I slept once I enter. LIfe is too busy the day before that,=D

I want to take an OOTD shoot, but my bro is too talented he took me with the scene behind and with half focus on the floor in KLIA2. So the message to be carry from this pic is that

The floor in KLIA 2 is so shiny...and so spacious, even during Raya season. 

I am so excited and pay careful attention to what reflect into eyes. This pic is to show the price of food in KLIA 2 is relatively high compare to other places.~~~~~ and that's it~~~

 Excited pic 2

Excited pic 3
 While waiting for my aunt who would join us to travel also.

 So much different...the dosmetic arrival hall and the international arrival hall.....

My sis and Me already eaten during our stop in KL sentral. But my poor family start off at around 7-8am from Kemaman and all the way to KLIA 2 without stopby any places. They were so hungry. So my bro took the porridge that I took away for my sis to eat.

 Tsk...tsk....the disadvantage of living in East Coast Malaysia.......
I still remember that I manage to eat breakfast with my friends at 8am and only reach home at 10am to prepare for ETS.

 Finally my aunt is here.....

So off we went to car park!
 LIke a superstar!!

Off we went  from KLIA2 to KLIA to explore the direction there as we need to be there the next day by 6am. So we need to settle the park for our car, where is car park and the way from car park to KLIA...

Stay tuned for next post! WIll include a video which I rant so much..... =D