January 9, 2014

How to determine a fake Naked 3 palette?

Well, I was so over the moon when I manage to get an Urban Decay Naked 3 palette for only freaking RM50. I already smelled some fish during the purchasing. But I really wanted to get a naked palette so looong ady~~ ever since I came across it in Sephora. And yes, something are sounds too good to be true.

So, some quote for this post.

If you think something is sounds too good to be true, trust your instinct, especially when it is not from credible source or official dealer. We all equip with something call COMMON SENSE. When my common sense and rational me told me that its fake, my frugal side told me it's worth to invest even it's not a genuine one. At least, you got some blink blink glitter colour shadows and the eyeliner brush! Combining both side, I decided to BUY. 

And that's how I got duped.Well, I do not regret in a bit, cause I will still use them.Anyhow, something inside me still crave for a real one.

1. I got it for Rm50. The genuine one sold in Sephora Malaysia for Rm188.And I guess to be on the safe side, you better buy only in Sephora. 

2. The packaging. The top pictures display the genuine. Photo taken from Sabby Prue. Photo with black background is the fake package.And then the top part of the packaging was layered with a gold strap, unlike the fake one.

3. Seried number/ID. Credit to smart smart invention. The seriel number suppose to be print on the back ,right side of the box. The fake one has a serial number print on elsewhere.


4. Defect: Even when you don't look at it carefully, you will still notice some flaw at the metallic cover in the corner. It was unpleasant unlike the bottom metallic cover. 

5. Let's look at the product now.
 Top: a 12 shadows of totally new rose-hued neutal.
Bottom: A crap of the genuine. Except that I think I quite like the pinkish purple.(the 4th strand one)

 although the name of each of the colour is the same. But it's super damn obvious the colour is DIFFERENT! Look at the colour of Buzz & Trick, how could the faked one still name them Naked 3!

Needless to mention, the colour is not the same. The blackheart according to Sabby Prue is Shimmery black shadow with reddish/coppery glitters and mine blackheart is only plain black colour. No glitter or shimmer with any hint of others!

6. Even there is a different of the hue within the own packaging!

The buzz from the box there is something like dark green. While the buzz available is Glitter bronze from what I had tested.And you got the compare the hue from the pic above.


Naked 3 also includes a NEW double-ended Good Karma Shadow and Blending Brush AND an Eyeshadow Primer Potion sampler with resealable samples of all four formulas (original, Sin, Eden and NEW anti-ageing). Each sample holds about a week’s worth of primer!"

And I don't get the sample either.....

Anyway, since I had bought them. There's no reason I just put them aside, simply because they are FAKE.God know I have a fairy hand I can turn the rock into GOLD, =P   Well, I quite like the palette come with a long rectangular mirror. Really come in handy when I want to apply in the car.

And I did research about the fake naked and faked 2 too. Some say fake naked 2 is not highly-pigmented. I think the shadow still stick quite nicely on me~~ (Perhaps I have amateur skill,LOL, Just Kidding, u know this.)

However, the shadow smudge relatively easy, and look at the my eyebag~~ all the shadow gone there already.It all just happen within the time frame of one hour. Anyway, I still have to add on I kept yawning along the journey in the car.

And what's I like about the entire Fake Naked 3?! I like the brush the most, seriouslly, I have been wanting to get brushes about eye make-up. Especially to draw the eyeliner one.This is a double ended Good Karma Shadow and Bleding Brush.
I have don't idea why they named it good karma shadow, but I really love it's not too soft, therefore don't bend easily, I can draw liner consistently.

See! The outcome of using karma shadow brush. Really satisfied with the line I had drawn. I even blended some into the bottom liner there if you didn't see it. Except the colour is a bit too dramatic. Too dark. And no glitter at all! WTF, I really want to get a genuine one because of this.

Alright, so that's everything about what I know to distinguish the genuine and fake one.Thank you so much to Kak Sabby for her consent to let me use her photo here. Visit my make-up pouch collection  to peek in what is inside.Also you can support me by click the button "join this site" on the right column here. =) Good day! =)