November 16, 2012

Chance come and fly

 In the state of sorrow right now, (sound too serius) In the state of sadness right now.

Twilight Saga is a good movie indeed, don't you think so?

So I took part in Nuffnang Premiere Screening of The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2, they asked a question, if bella and Edward would ask someone to join force with them to fight against volturi, who you think they will find?

I could say  that I never watch any this kind of vampire movie or drama before. I don't even know what is welwolf until my housemate mention it.

So the answer was suggest by my housemate, Donn.

The good news is we make it!!We were invited to the premiere.

however, bad news conquer in the end. The things is I need to RSVP before the given time, and I failed to make it...Sad.....

This is the second time I dismiss the event already, I did checked my email every single day, but since I am here right now ( my grandma's place ) and I didn't bring laptop. so I can just check my email now. (Such a big excuse, the mail was sent on 14 oct, u can check it and safe it ady).

Fine, sb cheer me ,please?

dear Kok Shuh Hong
Please make this a lesson, indeed this is really a precious lesson enough. Make sure YOU DO WHAT YOU PLAN!

signing off.
oops before that, I had cut my hair into bang. Follow me on my instagram so that you can view it. Support me okay? Appreriate^^

my instagram username is Maple2772, thx thx^^