April 1, 2012

Farewell party for ICt/BIs

I am so happy this weekend, i wish that it would never end.I joined my boyfriend's prom night, actually, i was very await for this event,

 firstly, this is my first time to take part in prom night, 
secondly, this is my first time take part in a prom night with him. 

actually, this prom night was organize to celebrate ICT (information communication technology) and BIS(Business Information System) students going to posting soon, and they won't meet each other in UTP, apparently, all the May 2009 batch are so closely tight to each other, so they will miss each other. I can really see that they are buddy! and i like that feeling, feel like wan to be a part of them and they treat me like i am a part of them.

I really indeed like to join Ws's friend, they are so mature, so steady, outgoing ,crazy and everyone like having the leadership skill.Ws and me were separated for awhile while the girl were doing make up, dressing stuff.They just treat me like I am a part of them,they help me to make up, hair styling, paint my nails and all girl stuff la~~ and they just share everything they have, erm....its hard to describe here, just that i really look forward to have fun with them in the future~

and today is my first time taking KTM too, I was taking KTM from Batu Gajah to KL central, contractly to what i thought before, the seat inside is nice, air-conditioned,just like aeroplane. This make me confuse, because usually, from what i seen in BTS (Bandar Tasik Selatan) , KTM is always crowed and congested, and got the female coach........will try to figure it out later.

Finally,  this speech is deliver to him.Thank you for everything you done on me, I am proud to be your GF! muaks~~
 all the leng lui~~

 all the meche(mechanical engineering member)

 the leng zai

calvin with his epic post again

us <3