December 5, 2011
Shoud i? or shouldn't?

i am a indecisive person, there are many situation in our life that we need to choose only one among all the options, choose and make a firm decision. Some time it could be very easy, but when it come to hard decision, you still have to go through it. As the time come nearer, it prompt you to solve it although you try to ignore it, hide it. 

I seldom come to this problem. I really hope i can change myself to become of decison firm, never change person. What should i do now? 

A or B , it is really a hard decison to make. The decision that i make will affect my future. Can somebody give me some suggestions or advise. I wish that i have the wise to solve this question. But i don't think i will tell my problem here. Its really hilarious to tell you all that what course should i pursue, my dream.....