July 27, 2009

Gotta decided again

crush again..haiz.....
gotta choose from either of them.

1.ALEA ceremory
2.Kem kebangsaan yang bertemakan kemerdekaan(14-18/8/09)
2. 长生学(14-19/8)

i had elimated the first one. and so...how to choose o??
lets analysis
pros of kem
1. no need do household chores
2. got many free time
3. can get certificate awared from government
4. FOC
5. networking
6.can learn sth from there
7.no more chance after lower 6,i felt that they won't choose upper 6 student.

cons of kem
1. lost lesson of 2 days
(i consider SUNday as non-school day ie. got to school but no study,because it assembly occupy nearly 90minutes ,and then 2X45minutes of PN ie. programme nilam mean self-study for us ,and then 2 period of MT2 where my teacher ady went delivery,and the temporary-replacing teacher just like a stick only.sometimes,he also charge his hp in our class,then i can't charge my dic.he didn't teach us at all.His duty is just to make sure all of us don't play truant only.just the English lesson got study only,so lame.)

2.cannot learn 长生学.(introduce about it later,somekind of qi gong)

3.how if i can't accustom about everything in the camp?i go alone le!

pros of 长生学
***长生学is sth like qi gong,but it vary from it.erm...how to describe le...erm...in a nutshell,after you learn it ,you will become more vitality.its concept is poke smooth打通 the i-dun-noe vessel,thus make the blood circulatory system become clean and smooth(note: this cannot be consider as a fact).a taiwanese teacher would come to teach the students.

1. can learn and understand the 长生学
2. able to see Many kemaman ppl
3. the opportunity is rarely as the teacher came from taiwan
4. FOC

cons of changshengxue
1. not vitality
2.become more nood

i decided already,i want to use the Rm 1000 to buy
1. dancing pad(estimate it less than Rm300)