August 25, 2022

Pregnancy diary - Third trimester :Week 34 & 35


Week 34 - Admitted into the hospital for the 2nd time. 

Admitted into the hospital again today. Due to the pre-eclampsia. Mybaby's brain oxygen level blood flow is lower than normal range. The rest are all okay. meaning I might need to deliver earlier. 

Would have to repeat another ultrasound scan on Fri before deciding.  

Week 34 - Counting down  (Packing for hospital bag, assemble baby cot. diaper table )

I am quite excited while packing the hospital bag, so I was counting down the number of days before the arrival of my baby. 

Last weekend (Sat)- WS's sister (aka Baby's de 姑姑) came last week, and assembled the baby cot and baby diaper table together. We are now at the phase of counting down already. I am quite anticipated for the arrival of our dear little baby girl! 

Hey baby you see. 

Your 姑姑and爸爸were assembling baby cot for you! 
 You are so loved

Baby Cot - from Ikea - going to get the mattress and bedding set from Ikea soon! 

Baby diaper table - around Rm 360  (including Rm 120 shipping fee) - from Taobao 

Also, on the same day, we packed for our hospital bag. Again, it feels like rehearsing to be a parent again. I look forward to the day when my baby is coming to the world!  

3 bags here

Mummy's hospital bag
Baby's hospital bag  
Confinement bag  

My friend who has her birth labour in UMMC told me  that 

Mummy's hospital bag 
  bring into the wad bersalin

Baby's hospital bag 
 - not allowed in the wad bersalin (Level 3), you can ask your husband to bring it to Level 6 (Postnatal ward) after the labour

Confinement bag 
 My comfinement center also prepare a list of to-bring items for me too. 

Having admitted into UMMC like 2 weeks ago,  I know these are the makanan (food & beverage ) I should prepare to be included in the hospital bag. Hahaah. I feel hungry most of the time during the stay in hospital. 

Tues  - Week 34   : Almost like a rountinely weekly antenatal check-up at UMMC nowadays. 

This is also the second time I went for antenatal check up after the hospital admission (trigger by epigastric and realised it is due to pre-eclampsia)

Got the Tetanus Jab (ATT)
NO ultrasound Scan  - will do it on the following Tues
Doctor's consultation 
Blood Test 
Urine  (UFEME and PCR test) : Result came back as normal

Other things that I learnt : 
2. Celery juice is good to reduce blood pressure and cholestrol level  , but it is best not to bring every morning esp if your body is cold/not heaty   

My mum asked me to drink celery juice. It is known for reducing blood pressure. 

Tues night - WS washed baby clothes for the first time. 

This part could be quite trivial for you. Feel free to skip if you want. I have so much to elaborate here.  

We both were quite like... you know like rehearsing to be a parent..That kind of feeling.  
It is like ..oh...washing baby clothes with washing machine , the setting with baby care is 2 hours. Also we anticipate that we might use more softener in the future!  

我老公跟baby 说:
你看你, 是不是很幸福, 还没有出生, 衣服就多过我了 😁😁

As you can see, every single step mentioned here is so petty, so every single action here leads to the next one and it is a new milestone for our parenthood journey. WOW. I still feel so ...unbelievable to call myself a PARENT, hahaahahh 

Sometimes, when I think about this....about the parenting, parenthood. I feel that it is not bad also it takes 9 months to deliver a baby. Because 9 months has given us quite ample of time to anticipate for majority of the things that we can expect. 

For example, 
1. It allows us to adjust /plan for our career pathway after the labour 
2. We have time to save for baby's cost  (confinement , baby's furniture, antenatal hospital consultation fee, health supplement,  baby's nanny's cost , insurance, etc)
3. My husband WS also mentally prepared that he would play less computer games, basketball after the arrival of our little sweet heart. 

Although there are still many things that we can't expect, but it is a parenting journey. and I am glad that WS is with me all these while. He makes the journey looks exciting.and my baby makes the journey feel extra sweet. 

💕💕Collectively, I think this is what making a home a family. 👪👪

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