August 20, 2022

Pregnancy diary - Third trimester :Week 32 & 33


Week 33 - Experiencing Early signs of Labour 

Other, early signs labor is close (anywhere from a month to mere hours away from active labor) include:  (Taken from What to expect )

  • 1. Baby drops 
  • 2. Cervix begins to dilate
  • 3. Cramps and increased back pain   - For cramps, yes.  
  • 4. Loose-feeling joints  - I think it is cramp more than loose-feeling joints 
  • 5. Diarrhea   - Yes   
  • 6. Weight gain stops   - Macam Yes  
  • 7. Fatigue and the nesting instinct  - I am sleepy right no

Now I have started to experience symptoms of  cramps, diarrhea, weight gain stops and sleepy. 

3. The cramps ..
.The leg cramps...It affects me so much.Usually I can go swimming alone. But right now, I started to experiencing after-wake-up cramps on and off. So It would be dangerous if I go swimming alone. The joy of swimming, being able to move freely, stretching so freely in water (thanks to buoyancy force) is so incredible! 

Now, I can only go swimming with the company of my husband 😏😏

  • 5. Diarrhea   
Yes,  I pass motion in the form of ...soft solid stool. And no constipation at all. Ip ass out whatever I eat on the second day... like WOW. Is this normal?   

Normally,it is seen as a negative symptoms to have diarrhea, but my stool just ...maybe watery stool, not painful, and I can control when I want to pass it out like we shit normally. 

So It is not painful, but only changes in the form of the stool and more frequently. Is it because the baby has occupied most of the space and kicking the rectum ()?  
Rectum's function to store feaces before it is released away from the body

Rectum's position in the expectant mother 

  • 6. Weight gain stops   - Macam Yes 
I am normally 65.5kg in the morning when I first wake up. Just now, It turned out to be 64kg. ...

Week 32 - Increasing belly bump

At week 32,    I feel excited and tired. 

1. Baby kicks strongly but I tend to be overthinking.  
2. My movement becomes slower and painful  😭😭

1. Baby kicks strongly but I tend to be overthinking.  

Eversince you become parent, there is a major change in your mindset. All your thinking are shifting into the way to protect the baby, for the good of the baby cause you feel so wanting to protect a person. 

The changes include 
1. Financial :  Do not dare to spend much because you don't feel safe enough to spend until you have allocated sufficient  amount of money for the baby's emergency. 

and I don't even prepare an emergency fund for myself before this. LOL 

2. Safety / Health : 
I am so willing to spend money on healthy like  

health supplement 
healthy food 
exercise/ workout /pilatest fee 
health screening/examination 
medical card / pregnancy policy  

I guess it is because of the constant worry of a parent. and only then I realise that is how my parents feel when they gave birth to me. Perhaps I am overthinking again . LOLOL. A bit 矫情, hahahaha 

3. You could be blur, but could be observant at the same time. 
For instance. Iwould usually woke up in the middle of night feeling baby kicking. But I didn't feel my baby's kick 2 days ago. Iwas so worried. It was 4am in the morning. I woke my husband up and asked him to send me to the nearest obsterician. 

You could say that I am quite anxious. But better be safe than sorry,right?   

My husband comforted me saying that your womb is the safetest place for baby. Maybe baby was just feeling in the tummy only. But I was so sleepy too. So I decided to go to obs the next morning. 

Ended up the baby was actually healthy in the womb. Anyhow,  she suggested that I would opt for hospital admission for further observation if I want to be sure. I didn't go into the admission 

I actually feel baby's strong kicks the morning before I went to hospital for Fetal Movement check.

Fetal movement before Week 32 :Kick actively during my sleep, in the midnight 
Fetal movement during Week 32 :  Kick actively after meal, sweet food or drink.  (Wow the transition for the change in the Fetal movement pattern really give me the shock of my life LOL.)

Fetal movement after week 32:  would it change again?   I guess I must learn  to stay calm to think properly . 

2. My movement becomes slower and painful  😭😭

I suft in XHS (Xiao Hong Shu) quite frequently recently. I went to see those pregnancy infor on XHS.  and Ilearn this learn 耻骨 = Pubic 

At Week 32.  like yesterday, I went to shopping mall to look at baby stuff's again. I went there for half day only.  When I was home, I was exhausted and wanted to sleep. but I couldn't sleep because of the pain at the lower part ...I guess it is the pubic bone or ....maybe it is the spine...I am not sure. 

I thought I could sleep because the bed the mattress is soft, of course it can cushion the uncomfortable part. But NO..... I couldn't put myself to sleep. TBH , I didn't feel pain, I was feeling the discomfort from the lower part ..bone ....

That's when I started to salute all the expectant mother who carry a baby (foetus) more than 2kg around for 24/7.  I still have around 6-8 weeks for this.  😭😭 

Dont get me wrong, I am blessed that my baby is healthy. but the sleeping issue is a bit of irritating.  Also I am so excited I secretly hope that August 2022 can tick faster so that I can meet my baby quickly. but think again....this doesn't follow the nature's rule. 这是不符合因缘果的。In the end, It is just the thought la.  

Pregnancy is a progress, mixed with postivie and negative experience. and I am glad that I get to experience it at the right timing.  I get to live the life I want (我活成了自己想要的样子。 ) 

As for now.
Pregnancy  =  70-90% of happiness  +  30-10% of discomfort / constant worry/emotional 

The discomfort, constant worry and emotional really fluactuate depends on the mood, vibes, the people who have conversation with you. the information that you receveid , the books that you read, and your working environment. 

sometimes, I would go swimming to ease the joint pain. 

While having break between swimming, I fill my tummy up with these food. I get hungry faster nowadays. 

For instance, you tend to be happy when
1. your husband is around 
2. get to talk with your friends who are expectant mother too! 
3. Sometimes, it is irritating that you experience discomfort due to changes in pregnancy hormone, but you will still be happy because it shows that your pregnancy is progressing and that your baby is growing healthily. 

You tend to be emotional/crying/anxious when 
1. You watch a touching movie/drama on FB 
2. You heard about the negative news about pregnancy 

As I was/am happy most of the time , I tend to be blur (pregnant brain) but able to work out on the priority properly ...most of the time.....better than before pregnancy. 

At the peak of productive time , I feel that  my brain has been upgraded from mono-processor to dual-processor. It comes the strong affection, love, determination to protect someone that you care. For instance, when I am not feeling well, I tend to complete all my to-do list so that I can rest on time and have the bonding time with my baby. 

In other way, I have changed in a better way...althought it is not very consistent.  I found myself to be more 
1. discipline 
2. financially wise 
3. planning ahead 
4. taking lesser time to make important decision (more decisive)
5. Know what I want 
6. Priortise things better ( like Resting, hahaahaha then delay gratification in entertainment like youtube, watching TV because want to focus on my work first) 

Dear me, 
I hope you can be more consistent like this in the future. 

一个人时间花在对的地方/对的事情越多, 那么你越能活成你想要的样子。 
即使一天只有短短的30 分钟, 还是60分钟。。。。
日积夜累, 积沙成塔。。。一个月, 两个月, 一年。。。两年。。。




是不一样的。 是两个不同的方向 


每个都是可以让人增值的skills .  但是每个的目标方向都尽然不同, 就像很多企业老板不一定know all the hard skills, but they are definitely the best in whatever they do. I want to give assurance to poeple I am the best in what I do. like the greatest problem solver.  

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