December 22, 2019

Why should you start to use e-wallet in Malaysia?

The main concept I am going to share here is

You SAVE when you SPEND

A lot of people are aware of this payment method already. But somehow I still feel the urge to blog about it. 

Having living in urban city, the monthly expenses is undeniably higher than those living in town. But yet the town would slowly,  in my opinion , adopt to the same payment method too. 

It happens because all the petrol stations, drug and cosmetic stores like guardian' watson , convenient shops like 7-elevens, 99 speedmart and so on are available nationwide, available majority area in Malaysia. So it is like a ripple effect or chain reaction that this way of living would continue to spread out. 

Now, without further ado, let's go into the point! 

Read on as I am going to incorporate the description of each app showns above. (Shopback is not an ewallet by the way)

1. Reduce your monthly expenses 
I still cannot figure out the percentage it reduces your monthly expenses. Of course the more you SPEND  the more you SAVE. 


GENERAL :  Use Shopback 

I saw my friend has accumulated up to Rm 300 ++. He is the one who recommended this app to me, because we can both turn it into REAL CASH!  Personally for me , there are a few transactions that I will always so to shopback to get cashback. Though it has less discount/cashback for existing new user, but sikit-sikit , lama-lama jadi bukit. (Some cashback is only Rm 0.03, very insignificant) It can eventually become an amount enough to pay for your monthly rental! 

Last time I didn't know this. So must share this! YOu can perform your e-wallet reload through SHOPBACK, simply go into shopback, and from shopback, go into Touch n Go e-wallet and reload it the normal way. Then you can earn cashback liao. 

Even RM 3 for existing user is quite a huge amount though! 

For e-wallet, I use either Touch n Go or Boost normally, Grabpay less likely unless there is any great cashback promotion. So by reloading my e-wallet it already earn me a few bucks! 

So if you want to download Shopback, use my referral link. After that you can refer it to your friend, where you and your friend can get Rm 5 for each successful referral. 

Pay with  Touch n Go , Boost , Grabpay , Maybank QR etc. Certain shops have only a few of them, and some have all the payment service. I would prefer to pay with e-wallet, because I get to entitled for cashback/discount. 

Currently, my favourite to go is Touch n Go, for more than Rm 5 first transaction daily, you get to entitled a random cashback. It would be Rm 0.20 or Rm 1.97. A really random amount. 


Actually the list can go on forever. Zalora, Mr DIY , Sephora, Nike, H&M , Cotton On, Reebonz...etc. Yea, I do take some time to look for any cash back/ offer through all the wallet if I want to   purchase at my selected store. 


I do purchase 
plane ticket from expedia 
accomodation from agoda
activities from klook , travel recommends

The total amount of purchase can range from few hundreds to few thoudsands depends on your itinerary! And this few thoudsands, when pay through shopback is enough to easily earn you like Rm 20 already! 


This is so far the best cashback campaign I have seen! Until 9th Feb 2020, if you can get Rm 5 cashback immediately when you pump fuel at Shell, FuelSave 95 more than Rm 40. So far, I have get 2 times of Rm 5 cashback. It feels very exciting to get Rm 10 cashback as you dont see this kind of promotion everyday. 

2. You can now afford what you previously CANNOT. 
Yea! I am talking about the Boba tea that has been a craze recently!  Touch' and Go has made it Rm 5 cheaper when you pay with TOuch n Go! 

I am talking about this! Hahaha. There are still a list of great deal  promotion, you can check it at the app. ! But boba cashback promotion is my top favourite! 

3. Contributing to the community by making donation with ease & with a piece of mind

I've always thinking, why do we need to live in this world when we would die in the end? Have you ever wandered that? (I don't think I am the only one thinking that way , have you? ).

This year , when the CNY is approaching, I am so prompt to make donations to old folk home / orphanage. It triggers me because talking to a grandparents of my tuition students on the other day. The parents are busy preparing for the upcoming Christmas celebration/ praying. She said, on the phone, Christmas is about GIVING and SHARING. 

Upon hearing this, I also wish that I can do something this CNY. There are a lot of people whenever they have stable and increasing income would also do something to giving back , sharing their happiness with the needy ones. 

Jinnyboy , the Malaysian youtuber will go to orphanage , giving presents to the orphanage in this festive season.  (source: One of his podcasts)

A lot of companies, would include this as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as one of their KPI. 

Celebrities : There are a lot to mention. The one that cross my mind is a taiwanese celebrity Blackie 黑人陈建州  , he does charity by playing basketball, google "LOVE LIFE" , "Dreamer" and you can see alot of it! There are abundance of celebrities still.  古天乐 is a great philantropist , he has, using his donation to build about a hundred (or more) schools in China area. 

Having to say that, it doesn't mean we cannot do something despite not having enough money to feed ourselves. We do it by allocating certain amount of our monthly income to donate. It doesn't have to be a humongous amount , in fact, donate it according to your financial level. 

Rm 1 is a great donation too! In fact, there are abundance of organisations, NGOs in Malaysia that need donation. Simply google and you can see a lot of them.  If you still doesn't know where to start, you can donate it by using the app BOOST. 

Image result for boost ewallet

Personally, I download BOOST not because it ease my donation, but it resemble many reward system in the market, where you get to turn the points that you collected into money! You SAVE when you SPEND! 

nowadays, instead of using cash, I would use e-wallet, cause I get to earn/ cashback /rebate when I pay through them. 

So it really motivates me when I still have around 400 points to redeem RM 10 boost ewallet!

You can also donate some of it to organisations without the need to screening for their background as BOOST has done it for you! 

Personally, I wouldn't donate through BOOST, because I prefer face-to-face interaction with people. I would prefer go to the site and donating cooking oil, milo, rice to the people. 

However, if you are too busy to go to the centre and still wish to helping out. This is a GREAT STARTUP CHANNEL l where you can do it anytime, anywhere, at any amount. 

If everyone in 1000 people donating Rm 1 through Boost application to an organiation, it can be a staggering RM 1000 already!  So we dont have to be rich to make donation! 

4. Receive Rm 30 incentive under e-Tunai Rakyat campaign

You can apply for RM 30 incentive under 3 different e-wallet, namely 

between 15th Jan 2020 - 14th March 2020 

The campaign is to promote people to pay with e-wallet. 

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