October 3, 2013

Review: Lost World Theme Park

For the month of October,does it remind you it Halloween this month?   Lost World of Tambun has hiden  goodies in all corners of the theme park. For RM20, you get a basket, a treasure map and a trick or treating' good time. 

Yeah, Ipohan should spent one of their weekend here especially during October. October is really just a happening month for everyone. For adult, they have Oktoberfest. Wheras kids get to enjoy trick or treat Halloween. I guess its your good time to dare yourself challenge how brave you are.  When I was there for 2 days 1 night trip on 22nd September, they were still on the way to build the Haunted house, looking forward to it actually. Hope I will get the chance to visit them this month!

By the way, this post is the continuous of ETS post.

 Before that , I want to shout out that I am and was so glad that I get to visit Lost World of Tambun as a blogger!! See see see, I am happy til I put it just beside my cheek. And this wouldn't become real without Lost World of Tambun and Butterfly project. *bow*

 The very first thing we did once we stepped our foot on the place. =) Spot me spot me.

 Lost World of Tambun basically make up of 7 elements. Those are:

Lost World of Petting Zoo
Lost World of Tin Valley
 The Tiger Valley
The Amusement Park
The Water Park
Lost World of Hot Spring & Spa

I would be review all the type except for the Team Building Park because we are going there as a beauty blogger, all female except the 2. LOLOL. But I have attached the Team Building link there, you can always checked there to explore more =)

We were usehered to Kepura Cave to have lunch feast before visitting Petting Zoo.

 Woohoo! We fully conquered The Kepura Cave ! Kepura Cave is actually a limestone cave, doesn't it amazing to have lunch inside.

We were warmly greeted and brief by Angeline Director of Sales and Marketing,and her team of smart crews.

 I suppose you to wander how was the interior of LimeStone Cave look like, this is it after setting up of tables, chairs and adorn with blue light.  there has air-conditioner inside too.It was totall chilled inside.

 美女配佳景 mean pretties with amazing feast scene in Limestone cave.

 blogging about the food here make me drooling again. All my favourite, the rice is nasi lemak (coconut seasoning rice??) eat together with the chicken is really heaven~~~~~Gosh! my stomach strike me again.

They knew that we won't have the gush to walk after eating. This is how we being swayed to Petting Zoo, it was a fun ride, capturing non-stop all the way.

Lost World of Petting Zoo

Well, this is not the first creature we have seen in the entrance. But Henry Lee the photographer shooted this. Shamila said this is Burung Cinta, she is very manja (spoiled), she {not sure her gender, but I prefer to address SHE}. She will stay away from stranger and only stick to her lover.LOL

Raccoon the star animal in Petting Zoo.As such, he was the one responsible to greet tourist in the first place. Indeed, I couldn't resist myself to play with him! Raccoon come from North America can they used to feed on with mouth, and they were trained becoming tame to use hand taking food here.

Laura really have the gut to pet the creature. Do you? The name petting zoo did really show its say. Except you know for some dangerous species. (alligator, crocodile,fish in water, etc)

 Alligator Snapping Turtle

 Our visit were explained by him, I forgot his name already. Anyone can remind me of him? He did his job well, and really knowledgeable, witty in conversation. I not sure whether he will be there to serve you all during your visit. But there are still other ranger are there to take good care of the rest of those animals. They would love to help if you have any curious to quench too.'U'

Yup, for the best maintainence of Petting Zoo.  Those animals are just too adorable,I think we were adhere to all the rules there, cause we were visiting the Petting Zoo together with their friendly crews too.

Shamila, who sat beside me during the lunch. We talked a lot, but I lost her name card~~~

Lost World of Tin Valley
After that , we had move to Lost World of Tin Valley.  Tin mining industry was one of the most prominent activities in Malaya during British colonization. Tin mining industry also turn Ipoh into a main city from a merely a small village.

Knowing this, one should also know that Kinta Valley is among the places in Malaysia that rich in Tin. And according to this website, it stated that Tin would associate with Limestone cave in Malaysia.

Indeed, I thought the Tin Mining Valley in Lost World of Tambun is just for displayed only. But I really able to mendulang some of the tin ore. Miraculously, there also have a limestone cave or stalagmite nearby.
The uncle brief us a little before the hands-on experience of mendulang. (the action of harvest the tin ore from this traditional method is known as mendulang is Bahasa Melayu)

Indeed, I thought the Tin Mining Valley in Lost World of Tambun is just for displayed only. But I manage to dulang some of the tin ore. Miraculously, there also have a limestone cave or stalagmite nearby.

 I guess you won't expect much of the amazed of this stalagmite cause you have seen it. But trust me, it is breathtaking in the real life.

The first time I saw this was during the ride of a small train in LWOT. Haven't really seen this really prompt me to write a poem like  great people Li Bai or William Shakespeare do. Xp (no la no la, I am not good in writing at all, but the structure of this Pencil Hill manage to grow up to 10 floor of a building is so rare.)

I really wonder the tin is already there by the time of construction or it was imported inside for us to have a taste of mendulang.

the pic source from here . Yup, I was the dulang washer for 5mins. Its effing hot to mendulang under such weather lo~~~ Plus, I think their risk of getting arithis is super high for swamping all day long in water.  Learn how to be grateful, people.

And before I resigned the sweating job. LOL

 The Tiger Valley
We explored many part of Lost World of Tambun during our treasure hunt. Siberian tiger is one of them
There is Siberian tigers here , and their feeding time is 3-4pm everyday, be sure to witness how they catch their food with so much agility and strength.

Our photo during treasure Hunt, we are divided into 5 groups and we have to work together during the way to look out for the signboard as written in the instruction and to answer a few questions to complete the task.

Okay, My question now is, where is those tigers coming from?

The Amusement Park and The Water Park

 Jungle Wave Pool and Sandy bay is the first thing you will see once you enter the park. Perfect for beach lover, it would be double fun if you have the float with you. And triple fun if you know how to swim!

Rental for a double seated tube is Rm 16.You can always keep your belonging like handphone, purse inside the locker for Rm 20 per day. (include Rm 10 deposit)

There is also a corner of the kids, so this is really suit of a family weekend getaway! Won't elaborate much of kid's corner cause there is more to come. Unfortunately, the game I was excited with don't have a picture as I didn't bring camera for water games.

My fellow blogger friends and me went to tried to Tube raiders, it is a inflatable tube ride and you can have your way to go down with 4 different paths of slides. I got my nose filling with water the moment of ~~splash....boom. And then we went for another round.

After that, we tried the Adventure river. Adventure river is a great time where you can chit chat with your friend along the river. It is 600m long, and a little surprise along the venture.

Cliff racer is a something water speed coaster, it has a U-shaped tube that you will swing along the tube like a pendulum swing. Must try!

top: adventure express
middle: dragon flight
bottom: giddy galleon

There is also another game for kids that is Mary go Round to entertaint your little toddle, kids.

Lupe's adventure is the first roller coaster ride in Perak. Unfortunately, we don't have time for second round. Can I say this is the Northen Area of Genting?

So that's it for my review about The Lost World Theme Park, I hope you reader will pardon me for not having much pic in the Water Park and the Amusement Park. Enjoy reading!

Adult: Rm48
Children :Rm41
Hot Spring & Spa by Night: Rm18 
(my suggestion is buy online via the official page or Groupon, it is always cheaper than the stated price above.) 

Operation Hours:
Weekdays: 11am- 6pm
Weekend and Holidays: 10am-6pm
Close on every Tuesday (expect public and school holidays)

Lost Spring by Night:
6pm-11pm daily

Contact number:
Sunway City Ipoh: 05-5428888
Penang Office: 04-3803064

some of the photo credit to the official Photographer of this time, Henry Lee from I am Studio. Ai ya(meaning sigh), I should take a photo with him.


  1. I've been waiting for you to blog about this adventure. It looks like you had a great time. I don't even know how you fit it all in! I'm so glad you won a place in this project - you sure needed the hotel and spa upgrade :D
    Great recap!

  2. Hi, ShopGirl, thanks for your comment! =) I did have a great time there, I hope u have a great time too! =)


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