October 18, 2013

Review: Lost World Hot Spring & Spa

Sorry for the hiatus, so here I am to continue from the previous post about Lost World Theme Park.Before I started this post,  I would like to thanks Henry Lee from I am Studio for taking for these photos. Most the photos here is taken from Butterfly Project Facebook Page.

When the night was coming, we have ourselves pamparing in Hot Spring&Spa too! Literally, you must read this, cause this is the main reason I am here!
Night Hot Spring Operate from 6-11pm. So you have 5 hours to indulge into the Hot Spring! But I don't think most of ur can stay in hot water for 5 continuous hours lo~

*****************************Buffer Dinner*********************************

ChoulYin and her team win the treasure hunt. So the Lost World Signature cap and the Tiger Pen Holder
We had our buffet dinner before the hot Spring indulgence. FYI, the buffet dinner doesn't include in the hotel charge.

The Lost World team will prepare a buffet dinner to group with a minimum number of 30 pax and it will be provided together with package price ranging from Rm60++ per person based on your request. And this also include the entrance ticket to Night Hot Spring.

The setting of our dining table, in tradisional Malay style~~

Variety of salad(there is one flavour I would like to try, but it has prawn~~I cant take seafood but I guess you will try it), creamy mushroom soup as the starter.

and healthy fruit  and pudding dessert afterwards.

In case if you don't know the sequence of sequence of eating, here it is

main course

anyway, this is just a conventional way how people usually eat them.Since this is buffet,  I don't really follow the sequence 

And to enhance your taste buds, here are the various souce to select.

and now, get ready to see the main course


Click to enlarge to pic, appeal your gastronomic organs! Opps, not eating organ here, just some chicken wings, prawn, fish and some meats that I didn't try cause I looked forward to the Hot Spring & Spa.

BBQ! The point is I don't have to stand the scorching hot BBQ Grill! Though I am sometime enjoy BBQ with friends, but I am more into eating rather than BBQing!

the closer up look

 of course, this is not the end yet, some of the carbohydrate main course in Asian to  carter Asian eater, or to make sure you are full.

Each of them is so delicious, so welcome to try. (sorry for the blur fried rice, being starving at the moment)

Didn't finish the dinner with full, cause I know I was going to Spa later.

******************************Hot Spring & Spa************************** 

The entrance to Crystal Spa, all the services here do not included in the Night Spa's entrance, you can enjoy the spa starting at 3pm until 11pm.

Some of the service in The crystal spa :
Aromatherapy Massage
Traditional Massage "Malay Urut"
Head and shoulder massage
Hot Spring Hot Stone Massage

Lost World team welcoming us warmly, and sincerely set booth of crstal spa, fortune teller and coffee mask to delight us exclusively =)
My hand after the coffee scrub! Felt more tender cause all the dead skin gone!

The Lost World massage and spa booth.All the Tukang Urut here is so professional!So I gave myself 2 times of pampering here, with different sifu~~

N thanks to the ladies who provide massage and coffee scrub

This is what I mean by the Hot Spring&Spa by night! Okay, perhaps you can't feel anything through the pic, you should come here to feel the real atmosphere. They bombard us with loads and loads of nice song.
(Use the word 'bombard' here cause I feel like I am in the Pool disco/club yet I can go here with anyone I like!And because of these environment, soothing and happening,and elated at the same time, I have the idea to throw my wedding bush here. The cock and hen's night, and then late at night and then go to Sasha-a night pub just beside the entrance of Hot Spring &Spa for second round!Late nighter, family, couple, bunch of Friends,The environment is just so conductive you should come.  ) 

There is also another exclusive privilege for us - the Butterfly bloggers =D , the Lost World Team has reserved the crystal pool for us!!

So, we took many many  many photos here.=D

Crystal pool- a 40'c pool with the hydro massage from the mouth of the monster.

Since its a hot Spring, so the water here come from a natural source and the thermal water in the pool is not recycled. It flows freely through our pool into the Kopisan River thus making this water very hygiene and safe for use.

Not that much enjoy compare to others, my leg keep pain here and there. Guess I have to go more round to strengthen my health.

 Steam cave!!!! The one that I LIKE the MOsT!!Though the water temperature is only 40'c, but it seem like this is the hottest spring here. Fond here because you have a water steam sauna here. But beware, don't stay inside too long. my highest record is one minute and dizzy after that.

The view outside the Steam cave is fascinating too! I don't post the photo here, you can treasure yourself there!

photo credit to inannie ariffin
Top of the World Pool. the hottest pool of all at 42'c.

Later on at Saphira Pool. Its actually suitable for children. When the sun sets in the evening, the luminious lights take its place here.

What do I recommended?
First- Steam Cave
second- all the pools! coz basically everyone of them is worth to treasure, and I really have fun in each of the pool!


Rm48- adult
Rm41 child
child 90cm FOC


  1. Wow, the environment of the spa there looks great! Never been there before even though I'm a perakian :/

  2. hehe, then you should be there once in a lifetime, Harlo, both my parent from Perak too!

  3. Maybe you should try sungkai klah hot spring, that's real hot

  4. dear Tiffany, sungai klah? which state? alright, thanks for your infor yea =D


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