January 20, 2012

Rm200 book voucher

Erm.............which should i start?

I have soo many stories to share here.....

Okay, i wrote what is bear in my mind now. Its about the Rm200 book voucher issues.
Seriously, i don't understand, why? WHY? WHY?

This is so unfair. Our school, masterskill was giving Rm200 voucher from government,and that it says that all student who is between intake 201005 to 201105 and in active state will be eligible to get the voucher.


i can get the voucher



its only for Diploma and degree student only!!!!


i don't understand, people are studying also! Why that they can, but foundation can't ?!
i really can't understand it......

You know? i was on the bad mood that day,i felt imbalance. However, my housemate ,Mei yi, she is nice, each of them whose eligible would get 4 vouchers worth Rm 50 each. She gave me one of them, that mean i got Rm50 voucher, i used it to buy two english book, one is novel and another one is sort of inspiration of life. with the title " the 7 habits...."

i started to read the 7 habits ady, its meaningful, and the language use is pretty simple . I am glad that i can understand the meaning without much find dictionary.

Unlike, another novel, even i checked dictionary, find out the meaning, i still doubt about the story....

i guess, i still need to have a lot of pratice before i can truely understand them.

Anyway, Thx to MEI yi for sponsor me the Rm 50 voucher.
You did not make my day, but you did help a lot too!

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