July 8, 2010

mouse dissection6/7/2010

see!got 4 embryo ler

notice tat the heart was still beating...(but u can't see it here...)

my masterpiece


cool down


i know it look darn horrible

and so i am(for nw)

but when i was dissect the mouse, i don't think so much just carefully cut it,and just thinking of

becareful,don't cut the blood vessel

and well,

u can go for these 2 wedsite to see more clearer horrible,the behind the scene de pix,hehe

my junior bio student,u will be facing this in the future oso,hahahaha
and i just like you,before did it,又期待有害怕,结果到烫的时候是又精神又专注。



经过这次的mouse dissection,我觉得以后我都比较敢弄鱼弄鸡了,呵呵,junior们,加油咯!


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  1. OMG!!!! u guys so mean, took the mouse and killed!!!! omg...


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