October 15, 2009


something happened to me today,my wallet was stolen.

but can't the thief only stole the cash, what for he/she stole my ic,driving licence too?
the bastard thief made me wan to renew my ic that costing Rm 50 ar!

the sequence of the affair was like this
1. today is thursday,got 5 vacant period,tat mean we can't chat for 5 period.the vacant 5 period is after the recess.and then at the second and thrid period,it was Biology,hence,we went to laboratory and later computer lab.we came out form the cc about 10.30am.

2. when wan ching reached the class,she found out her wallet was dissapeared,then i checked mine,both our wallet were dissapeared.For your extra information,today the PMR alummi also gatehered at Dewan which located near our class.thus,they were sceptical.Confirm that the object was dissapear.in the progress, Lin Wei also told me not to keep wallet in the bag,and then dun noe who added that wallet should be follow you everywhere you go(钱包是贴身的),well,i learnt a lesson ady.I will never nver never put my wallet or cash else where,but make it follow the owner.

3. Zi kang , Qi qian and dun noe who else suggested us to report and ask them to sport check.

4.Get the handphones to keep in car first,so that when sport check,our handphone won't be rampas.

5. Go Bilik disipline to find teacher, (the others continue to searching for us,they found at ditch,rubbish dumper,every corner of the sceptical scene,the grass as well, i felt ...wah,what a friend,a friend in need is a friend indeed.quite touch to see the scenery,thats the reason i still afford to put on smile although my cash worth Rm50++,and other important document are dissapeared.)

6.Based on the experience of teacher,they could conclude that the wallets won't be founded although sport check was conducted.But we instill to carry out ,so they conduct sport check to our block only.they also give us some advice,i still remember that one of the teacher sat that" kalau kamu nak bagi duit pencuri,susah kalau dia tidak melakukan penjenayah"i e 有钱不偷会很对不起自己"

7. Go to car to get handphone and ring the bank to block the car and wc inform her friend and father and mother as well.

8. Sport check.And then the guru pengawas ask us some question like

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